Guide to Buying a Rugged Computer for Industrial Uses

rugged-monitor computer

When it comes to choosing displays, monitors, and computers for industrial use, a rugged computer or display is a necessity. Whether it’s for the manufacturing, marine, energy, or mining industries, a commercial display is just not going to cut it. Industrial displays and computers need to be able to withstand harsh use while providing optimal performance. Ruggedized computers are the only ones that can provide this level of performance.

Why Choose Rugged-Display Computers?

Displays and computers that are used for industrial purposes have many special considerations. Usually, they are subjected to harsher use than a consumer computer would be. They also may need to be functional in extreme environment conditions (such as extreme high or low temperatures, or outdoors). Finally, if they are not able to perform properly and withstand extreme conditions in industrial applications, money—or even lives—could be on the line.

“Rugged” is a term used to refer to displays and computers that are designed and engineered to be the most durable on the market. Rugged-monitor computers are created specifically for use in marine, military, and industrial applications where high performance and ruggedness are crucial.

Features of a Rugged Computer Monitor

When you are looking for a rugged-monitor computer for industrial use, there are some particular features that you should keep an eye out for.


Rugged displays should always come with a limited warranty. Since these displays are supposed to withstand harsh use, you need to be assured that they will function and not break down when being used in your industrial application.

Multiple Inputs

Rugged-monitor computers should have multiple video inputs and be compatible with a range of different inputs. Any rugged computer should be able to be used functionally in a multitude of environments, so compatibility is essential.


Rugged-display computers should have sunlight-readable technology if they will be used for outdoor use. Look for features such as LED backlighting and optically bonded glass, which will ensure they are viewable in the brightest lighting conditions.

Outdoor Use

Rugged monitors should also have a range of other features for outdoor use. They should be “all-weather computers” that have extended operational temperature ranges (for use in the extreme cold or heat) and fully dimmable capabilities (for use in poor lighting conditions). They should also be waterproof and have high shock resistance.


A good rugged display will have a large screen inside the smallest chassis possible. Look for a sleek design that doesn’t forgo functionality. A good rugged computer can be durable even with a smaller chassis size.


Rugged computers should feature an easy-to-use interface that is intuitive.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Rugged Display

There are some basic considerations that should be made when choosing an industrial display.


Make sure that the display you are choosing has all the required features that you will need. Not every rugged display needs to have every feature, but it does need to be suited for your industrial application or use.


Good rugged-display manufacturers will offer products at a competitive price. They should have a line-up of models for a variety of price ranges.

Custom Options

Rugged-display manufacturers should be able to provide custom solutions designed and engineered specifically to your requirements. Consider having a specialized display designed to meet your needs.

Why Choose Nauticomp Inc.’s Rugged Displays?

Nauticomp Inc. has been an industry-leading provider of rugged displays and monitors since 1997. Our rugged displays have been designed for use in the harshest applications, including for marine, military, and industrial uses. We offer a limited warranty with all of our displays and can create custom designs to meet the most stringent of requirements.

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