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Glass Bridge Display Series

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rugged industrial display

Glass Bridge Displays Features

  • Industry’s largest display in the smallest chassis frame
  • Unique multifunctional external Commander Controller
  • User interface with 10 selectable inputs
  • Custom nameable inputs
  • Dim to Red at any level in all sources
  • Dims to 2cd/m2 (approx) for night use
  • Regulated 12/24 V DC or 115/230 V AC inputs
  • Display sealed to IP67 standards front and back
  • Optically enhanced bonded glass
  • Rugged baked on powder coated chassis
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Product Downloads
Technical Data : Daylight Displays
Technical Data : Sunlight Displays



Nauticomp Glass Bridge Displays® offer the largest display in the smallest housing. Minimizing overall dimensions which enables multiple displays to be mounted and maximizing available space.

The TFT LCD’s used in the Nauticomp Glass Bridge Displays® range from 12.1” through to 21.3” in either Daylight or Sunlight readable variants.

Each display is fitted with interface circuits that allow it to be connected with up to ten (10) inputs ranging from standard PC graphics cards, S-Video, Component & Composite Video sources. The display can accept signals of lower resolution, such as VGA. These signals are scaled so that they are displayed full screen.

Along with conventional LCD brightness and contrast controls, the display has an advanced dynamic brightness dimming technique, permitting full brightness to “Dim to Red” selectable at any brightness which is typically employed during night-time operation at low backlight levels.

A unique but simple remote On Screen Display (OSD) user interface known as the GB Commander allows the user to adjust a wide variety of display parameters if necessary. Once the parameters are set they are stored in non-volatile EEPROM. This ensures that the set-up is retained after power is switched off. Furthermore, simultaneous control of backlight brightness for up to ten (10) Nauticomp Glass Bridge Displays®can be achieved via one (1) GB Commander. This is accomplished by connecting up to ten (10) USB cables from the displays into one (1) PC. The Nauticomp Multi-Dim software to link these is available upon request. All Displays are designed for operation from an external regulated 12.1V DC supply. Nauticomp Inc offers a wide range of external power supplies to match the power consumption requirements of individual applications – 12V DC, 24V DC & 110/230V AC. Each Nauticomp Glass Bridge Display® is shipped with a 3 Year Limited Warranty 100% parts and labour.

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