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Titan Commercial Grade LED Display

For a cost-effective and cutting-edge commercial-grade display, Titan Commercial-Grade Displays offer the most dependable solution for any industry. Titan Commercial-Grade Displays come in a rugged chassis and feature versatile mounting options, making them suitable for use in almost any industry application. The commercial grade monitors feature multiple inputs, including DGI, VGA, composite, and S-Video compatibility.

The Titan Commercial-Grade Displays have highly efficient LED backlighting and feature a deep-dimming potentiometer, offering greater capabilities and more control than other commercial-grade monitors.

Applications of Commercial Grade LED Monitors

Titan Commercial-Grade Displays are ready for use in all industries and for all commercial applications. As daylight-readable displays, Titan displays can be used for drive-thrus, railways, racetracks, and other outdoor applications. The Titan Displays’ rugged case and versatile mounting options mean they can be used for a wide range of purposes, from points of purchase to manufacturing applications. Deep-dimming capabilities allow Titan displays to be used in both outdoor and indoor environments, including in under- or brightly-lit conditions.

For a cost-effective solution, Titan Commercial-Grade Displays can meet your industry and commercial needs. Titan Commercial-Grade Displays combine Nauticomp Inc.’s cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use model designed specifically for commercial use.

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Titan Commercial Grade LED Display Features

  • Full LED backlight
  • Deep Dimming 0 – 100% via potentiometer
  • Rugged Chassis
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Multiple inputs DVI, VGA Composite & S-Video
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