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Rugged Waterproof Displays in Action


At Nauticomp Inc., we are proud of our innovative product lines and guarantee the highest industry quality. That is why we offer warranties on all of our products. That is Nauticomp Inc.’s commitment to ensuring that all of our customers and clients are satisfied and that our products can be held to the highest standard.

Our rugged waterproof displays combine the best in cutting-edge technology with sleek, efficient design and ease of use. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most rugged, resilient monitors and displays in the industry.

Our products are field-tested and carefully engineered to meet the requirements of marine, military, and commercial use. All of our products—from our top-of-the-line monitors to our peripherals—can withstand the harshest and most severe conditions.

Don’t just take our word for it—our rugged waterproof displays can be viewed in action through video and client testimonials. Our rugged monitors hold up to the highest standards and harshest in-field use. You can see for yourself that our monitors are waterproof, sunlight-readable, and have deep-dimming capabilities.

Please view our monitors and displays in action—as they are meant to be seen.

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