Nauticomp Inc – Marine and Military Display Manufacturer +

Nauticomp Inc is dedicated to providing superior customer service through product innovation, product quality and customer support.

Our entire line of high performance rugged displays are at the forefront of leading edge display technology.

Genesis Series Display

waterproofruggeddimmablesunlight readablemilitary technology

Marine Displays +

Displays and monitors designed for use in harsh marine environments featuring models that are waterproof and sunlight-readable with LED backlighting, multiple inputs, scalable resolution, deep dimming, optically enhanced glass, and built to stringent IP67 standards.

The Glass Bridge Display series features the industry’s largest display in the smallest chassis frame and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Military Displays +

Military-grade displays and monitors that are Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-goggle ready, IP67/68-sealed, high-shock resistant, and engineered to fully meet military requirements. Our most rugged displays are suitable for use in Special Operations, the Navy, or the Army. Custom designs are available to meet the requirements of any project.

Industrial Displays +

Rugged displays for commercial and industry applications featuring models with sunlight-readable capabilities, deep dimming, multiple inputs, and rugged chassis. For use in all industries, including points of purchase, railways, drive-thrus, and manufacturing. Custom solutions are available for different budgets and environments.

Custom Integration +

Custom designs are available to meet the needs of your industry, environment, and project. We provide application-specific solutions that can work with your budget for maximum results. Custom solutions are available for all industries, environments, and specific needs. We can design the right display for whatever your commercial requirements may be.

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