I have worked with Nauticomp for over 12 years now. While I don’t have a specific count, I think it’s safe to say we have installed somewhere in the neighborhood of over 200 Nauticomp monitors on our vessels. I have had the opportunity to to utilize other monitor suppliers on numerous occasions but choose to continue our relationship, and it’s just that a relationship. We build world class yachts and our customers expect world class service from us. Nauticomp is one of our long standing business partners to helps us exceed that expectation when the need arises. We much appreciate the business relationship we have forged and look forward far into the future in continuing it.

Johnny Lindstrom
Westport, L.L.C.
Marine Electronics Supervisor | Electronics System Designer
NMEA Chairman of The Board

Your 19″ monitors are mounted on 6 of our Oceanographic ship’s bridges, two per ship. They work great and I don’t get any complaints from the bridge personnel, which means they are happy with them 🙂 Their ability to work in a brightly lit environment and then dim for night operations is spot on.
I also have the smaller 15″ monitors that we are installing on our Hydrographic Survey Launches. We have 9 of these 30 boats that are used for near shore surveying. Again, we are happy with your product.

Daryl Vaught
Code N612

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