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Rugged Military LCD Monitors and Displays +

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Military LCD displays must perform to the highest of standards. Technology used in military applications is put under some of the harshest and most stressful use in the most extreme conditions and environments. When it comes to military use, lives can be on the line. Only the most rugged technology will suffice.

Nauticomp Inc.’s military-grade LCD displays are designed for use in the most extreme and harshest environments. Our rugged military LCD monitors are engineered to meet all military requirements, with Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) goggles-ready models built to stringent IP67/68 standards. Nauticomp Inc.’s military spec displays can withstand the extremes of temperature, wetness, and light and provide consistent and reliable use in the times you need it most.

We offer specialized displays and monitors built to meet your specifications. Whether for use in special operations forces, the Navy, or the Army, Nauticomp Inc. can provide the right rugged display for any project.

Military-Grade Hammer Display +

Waterproof display Rugged displaydimmable featuresunlight readablemilitary technology

The Hammer display is Nauticomp Inc.’s premier military-grade solution. Hammer LCD displays are our most rugged and reliable military-grade displays, suitable for use in any military application and in both first-tier and second-tier government contracts.

The Hammer display is Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) goggles-ready, sunlight-readable, IP67/68 sealed, and functional in all lighting conditions. The Hammer display series is built with high-shock resistance and features an “All Weather” touchscreen. With fully dimmable capability and an enhanced operational temperature range (-20 to 60C), the Hammer Display is our most rugged military-grade LCD and can provide high performance in extremes of weather, temperature, light, and physical use.

Genesis Display Series +

Waterproof display Rugged displaydimmable featuresunlight readablemilitary technology

The Genesis Display series has been designed for use in the harshest environments for both marine and military applications. Featuring a military touchscreen display for improved interactivity and enhanced ease of use, the Genesis Display combines efficient design with rugged capability.

These rugged military-grade monitors are waterproof and built to strict IP67 standards, ensuring they can be used in any marine environment. Genesis Displays feature sunlight-readable screens, dim-to-red capability, and optically enhanced glass, ensuring the utmost performance and ease of use in any level of light. Our 15” model comes with an extended temperature range, allowing for consistent performance in the extremes of weather.

All of these features are presented in the industry’s largest screen within the smallest chassis size, making the Genesis Display the most efficient, economical, and effective military-grade LCD on the market.

Military and Defence Applications +

Waterproof display Rugged displaydimmable featuresunlight readablemilitary technology

Nauticomp Inc.’s rugged military computers are suitable for use in a wide range of military applications, including in the Navy, Army and special operations forces. We offer rugged models for land and marine use, as well as use in all lighting conditions (from daylight use to NVIS goggle-ready capability). Custom designs can meet the needs of your specific project or use.

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