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Dedicated, rugged, dimmable monitors +

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The HD-SDI Series of rugged, Sunlight readable monitors from Nauticomp is among the most popular models used by Government agencies, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army’s worldwide. Our focus has always been put into having the clearest image, and versatile inputs avalible on a rugged monitor- and this is the pinnacle. With its veratile inputs, and output features, deep dimming and wide viewing angle, the HD-SDI series checks all the boxes of todays information display in rugged environments. Get the real picture- get the Nauticomp picture.

A full line of combat ready, high definition, dimmable monitors +

Nauticomp recognizes the need for clarity, functionality and ease of use while in todays demanding conditions. The HD-SDI series of widescreen displays address all aspects, while giving a full high definition, sunlight readable view, with an exceptionally wide viewing angle


Product Features +

  • HD-SDI Video Inputs and Outputs, DVI, VGA, and composite
  • High Definition, sunlight readable, fully dimmable to black
  • Rugged, powder coated chassis, with versatile mounting options
  • Glare coated Safety glass, and touch glass compatible
  • Confidently backed with a 2 year Limited Warranty
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