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The new cost effective Genesis Series has arrived. With highly efficient LED Backlight Technology, 2 inputs, 1 DVI & 1 VGA, our 15” and 19” displays combine today’s cutting edge technology with ease of use. This product includes our famous dim to red technology, with a slim case design so today’s user can put a larger display into a smaller space.

A complete line of displays designed around marine and military +

The Genesis Series displays provide an economical, rugged solution for both Marine and Military applications.

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Product Features +

  • Sunlight Readable – Ready for all environments
  • Waterproof – Built to Stringent IP 67 Standards
  • Bonded Glass – Optically Enhanced for clarity
  • Multiple Inputs – DVI & VGA
  • Deep Dimming – 0 to 100% via “Potentiometer”
  • Superior Image – Scalable resolution up to SXGA
  • Extended Temperature Range on 15” model
Technical Data
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