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Dedicated, rugged, dimmable monitors +

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The Hammer Series of Rugged Displays are of the most respected within the worls of information displays in combat today. The Multi Backlight NVIS/Sunlight readable options within these displays make life easy for todays technical soldier. COTS, or custom taylored configurations are Nauticomp’s specialty- on tried and tested components. Choose a proven, dependable display for your application. Choose the Hammer Series from the leader of rugged displays- Nauticomp.

A full line of combat ready, NVIS compatible, dimmable monitors +

Nauticomp has always been on task when its time for dependable, rugged technology. The Hammer Series is the front runner for Government agencies, when the need for a dependable, information display is required. The Hammer’s rugged chassis, image clarity, waterproof, Sunlight readable traits are in extremely high demand by todays technical warrior.

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Product Features +

  • NVIS/Multi Backlight and Bezel Button button configurations
  • Multi Display sizes, sunlight readable, fully dimmable to black
  • Rugged, powder coated chassis, with versatile mounting options
  • Glare coated Safety glass, and touch glass compatible
  • Confidently backed with a 3 year Limited Warranty
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