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If you require screens for outdoor, daytime use, then sunlight readable displays and monitors are essential. Regular displays are typically not visible in daylight, as extreme illumination washes out the image and creates glare on the screen. With cutting-edge sunlight-readable screens, you can ensure effective use in any lighting condition and outdoor environment. Sunlight readable LCDs are commonly used in industrial, marine, and military applications, where effective, enhanced outdoor use is a necessity.

Sunlight Readable Monitors Technology

There are a variety of cutting-edge technologies that are used in sunlight readable monitors. Effective solutions combine a variety of these techniques.

  • LED Highbrighting: LED highbrighting provides enhanced illumination in daylight lighting conditions, ensuring visibility and offsetting extreme ambient light. High bright LCD capability can increase an outdoor monitor’s visibility by up to 60 percent or more.
  • Optical Bonding: Sunlight readable LCDs built with optically bonded glass can effectively minimize glares, reflection, and washed-out screens, ensuring visibility in daylight. Optically bonded glass can increase sunlight readability by up to 400 percent, as well as provide increased durability and reduce fogging/condensation.
  • Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare Surface Treatment: Anti-reflective surface treatments can be applied to daylight monitors to prevent reflections and glares. These can be effective complements to other sunlight readable technologies.
  • UV Protective Film and IR Heat Rejected: UV rays and infrared heat can damage a monitor or cause it to overheat. UV protective film protects sunlight readable monitors from being damaged by UV rays, while IR heat rejection keeps monitors from being overheated.

Our Sunlight Readable Display and Monitor Range

Nauticomp Inc. is an industry leading display manufacturer that provides commercial and military grade monitors suitable for use in daylight lighting conditions and outdoor environments. We offer a variety of models for different commercial, industrial, and marine uses.

Outdoor Marine Displays

sunlight readable displays and monitors

Genesis Series Displays: Genesis displays are rugged, economical options for both marine and military applications, featuring sunlight readable display screens and optically enhanced bonded glass. Genesis displays can be used in all outdoor lighting conditions, providing superior image in any environment.




Signature II Series Displays The Signature II series is a completely revamped line of high brightness sunlight readable displays, proving cutting-edge technology and functionality for use in marine, industry, and military applications. The Signature II series features daylight viewable screens, optically enhanced bonded glass, and high bright technology to ensure effective use in any lighting condition.

Commercial Grade LED Display

sunlight readable screen

Hammer Display: For the most rugged, versatile sunlight readable display, the Hammer series are the most effective, reliable, and resistant monitors available for use in military and industrial applications. Hammer monitors can be used in all lighting conditions, and are resistant to an extreme range of temperature exposure and physical use. Hammer displays are built to stringent IP67/68 standards, ensuring outdoor use for marine and nautical applications.

Benefits of Daylight Viewable Screen

There are many benefits to using high brightness sunlight readable displays for your commercial applications. These displays ensure visibility in all outdoor and indoor lighting conditions, increased color saturation, contrast ratio, and brightness in any environment, power preservation for more efficient use, and reliability that other monitors cannot match.

Applications of High Brightness Sunlight Readable Display

High bright LCD displays and sunlight readable monitors can be used in any outdoor application. They are commonly used for both military and marine purposes, where screens need to be reliable for use in outdoor environments. These daylight viewable screens can also be used for industrial and commercial purposes, such as with mining, shipping, and construction, as well as in warehouses, the energy sector, drive-thrus, and other commercial environments.

Looking for a sunlight readable display? Nauticomp Inc. is an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition as an innovative industry leader. We are dedicated to providing high performance displays that are at the forefront of leading edge display technology. Contact us at 1-705-328-2992 for Canadian service and at 1-800-267-9491 for U.S. service.

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