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Nauticomp Inc. has been a premier provider of LED and LCD displays for marine, military, and industrial applications since 1997. As a rugged display manufacturer with worldwide recognition, Nauticomp Inc. prides itself on designing the most rugged, capable, and versatile monitors that the industry has to offer. We offer a comprehensive line of models suitable for use in any environment, application, or condition.

Our displays and monitors have been used for wide-ranging marine applications (commercial vessels, cruise ships, recreational yachts), military applications (Navy, Army, Coast Guard, special operations forces), and commercial purposes (retail, points of purchase, drive-thrus, manufacturing). We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the right display for any application.

As an industry-leading provider of displays, Nauticomp Inc. specializes in the most rugged and versatile displays and monitors. We offer models with sunlight-readable technology, optically bonded glass, multiple inputs, rugged chassis, dim-to-red technology, touchscreens, enhanced temperature operational ranges, and fully dimmable capability. Our models are waterproof and sealed to stringent IP67/68 standards.

Nauticomp Inc. guarantees that our displays are the most rugged, high-performance models on the market. That is why we offer a one-year limited warranty, so that you can be assured that our display will provide the highest performance possible in whatever application you use it for.

We also offer custom designs to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Nauticomp Inc. can design models that adhere to the most stringent standards and requirements. We can design the right rugged display for any application or use.

As an industry leader, Nauticomp Inc. is a featured member and regular participant in industry tradeshows and exhibitions. We have featured our innovative product line at the Canadian Association of Defence & Security (CANSEC) Tradeshow, Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MAAC), Seawork International Commercial Marine Exhibition, and Skipper Expo International. Our innovative displays have been featured in marine publications such as Maritime Journal, Tug & Tow, The Sea, and SeaWide Distribution, as well as a number of military publications.

At Nauticomp Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the most rugged, versatile, and high-performing displays and monitors for marine, military, and industrial use. Call us today to see our latest innovative designs or to have a custom solution built for your needs.

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