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Centric Glass Bridge (GB) Displays utilize thin-edge design and the cleanest possible look for a fully functional marine display that is suitable for a wide range of vessel pilothouses. Centric GB Displays feature the look and feel of an authentic “Glass Bridge” design, meeting the demands of commercial and recreational vessels alike.

Centric GB Displays are fully functional with multiple inputs—including DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video—that allow captains to have all sources available on each display. Centric GB Displays feature a compact remote that allows up to five monitors to be controlled from a single keypad. Centric GB Displays have additional features for improved functionality and ease of use, including deep dimming via a potentiometer and both picture-in-picture and picture-beside-picture capabilities.

Applications of Centric GB Monitors +

Centric GB Displays are designed and engineered for use by today’s high-tech captains. These high-end “Glass Bridge” displays are marine compliant and can effectively be used in any craft, from commercial vessels to recreational yachts. With a unique, high-end glass design and improved functionality (including control over up to five monitors via a remote), Centric GB Displays are the premier solution for the modern vessel captain who wants the most cutting-edge technology for his or her pilothouse.


Centric GB Displays Features +

  • Multiple Inputs – DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video
  • Unique Appearance – Pure Glass with Remote Control
  • Deep Dimming – 0 to 100% via “Potentiometer”
  • Marine Compliance – ABS, IEC 60945, IEC 61174 & IEC 62388
  • Picture in Picture – and Picture beside Picture capable
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