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Rack Mounted LCD/LED Displays and Monitors

Rack mountable displays and monitors provide greater functionality and efficiency for commercial, industrial, and marine use. When using a commercial-grade display, there are other important considerations beyond display resolution. Rack mount capability can be essential for your display purposes.

What Are Rack Mountable Displays and Monitors?

Rack mounted displays are commercial-grade units that can be mounted to walls, panels, shelves, and other vertical surfaces. Rackmount displays feature metal rack enclosures, allowing them to be secured to surfaces, providing clear sightlines at any desired eye level or angle. Particularly in environments where space is limited or multi-person use is needed, rack mounted computer displays provide superior functionality over regular displays.

Rack mounted displays offer all the same rugged capability of their counterparts. Displays and monitors can be sunlight readable, waterproof, weather-resistant, and suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Since rack mountable displays are secured directly to surfaces, they offer improved capability to allow them to be used effectively. This includes on-screen displays, increased compatibility, panel button capability, and easy-to-use adjustable positioning.

Our Rack Mountable Displays and Monitors

Nauticomp Inc. offers a variety of rack mounted monitors suitable for outdoor and indoor use in commercial, industrial, and marine environments.

Titan Commercial Grade LED Displays

rack mountable displays
Titan displays combine cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective design, offering a dependable LED solution suitable for use in any industrial application. These displays are daylight readable and feature LED backlighting and deep-dimming potentiometers, allowing for use in a range of lighting conditions. Titan displays have versatile mounting options and a rugged chassis, making them capable for use in harsh and constrained environments.

Genesis Series Displays

rack mountable displays
Genesis displays are a superior, rugged-grade solution built for use in marine and military applications. Sunlight readable, waterproof and built to stringent IP67 standards, and featuring the industry’s largest screen to smallest chassis size ratio, the Genesis display is a powerful option that can be rack mounted in harsh outdoor and indoor environments.

Signature II Series Displays

rack mountable displays
The Signature II series is a completely revamped line of sunlight readable displays with the most cutting-edge industry technology, capable of use for both marine and military applications. Signature II displays are waterproof, built to IP 67 standards, and suitable for use in all lighting conditions. Rack mountable capability ensures that these advanced displays can be effectively used in a variety of environments, positions, and applications.

Importance of Rackmount Displays and Monitors

There are many benefits to using rackmount monitors and displays, especially when it comes to commercial use. Previous types of displays and monitors came in bulky, inefficient designs. These types of monitors cannot be effectively used in many types of environments, due to available space, harsh conditions, layout of the space, and other elements.

With rack mountable capability, advanced displays can be used in all industrial applications. Rack mounted monitors can be used in areas with constrained or reduced space, provide rugged capability in harsh outdoor environments, and ensure clear sightlines for when simultaneous use is required for multiple people.

Tips for Buying Right Rack Mounted Monitor

When looking for a rackmount LCD console, there are some considerations you should keep in mind.

Space: If constrained space is a consideration, then a sliding rackmount monitor can allow the monitor to be held inside a rack or drawer, only being drawn out when use is required.

Multi-Use: If you require simultaneous use among multiple people, then a direct mount monitor may be an effective solution over other types of models.

Functionality: Look for ease-of-use and functionality, such as on-screen display and increased compatibility.

Ruggedness: If the rack mounted display is intended for industrial use, then a rugged chassis should be a requirement, along with possibly sunlight readable screens and weather-resistant capability.

Available Options: Choose manufacturers that can provide a diversity of rack mountable models, ensuring that you get a monitor that fulfills your requirements.

Looking for a rack mounted display? Nauticomp Inc. is an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition as an innovative industry leader. We are dedicated to providing high performance displays that are at the forefront of leading edge display technology. Contact us at 1-705-328-2992 for Canadian service and at 1-800-267-9491 for U.S. service.

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