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Displays and monitors used for military applications often have to be functional and usable in night conditions with extreme discretion. A Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) is used for a variety of military applications, and it is of the utmost importance that this technology can perform effectively and efficiently. In military applications, lives can be on the line. In military applications, NVIS for LCD monitors can be a necessity.

Nauticomp Inc. provides NVIS monitors and NVIS displays that are engineered for use in military applications. Nauticomp Inc. has been a military-grade monitor provider since 1997 and provides NVIS-ready, rugged, high-shock resistant military-grade displays that can be used in the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, special operations forces, and other military branches. Our NVIS-ready displays are the most rugged and capable solutions for military solutions.

The Hammer Display series features a NVIS touchscreen monitor that has been engineered for military applications. The Hammer display can meet the most stringent and rigorous standards and requirements for military use.

NVIS Displays – Specifications +

The Hammer Display Series features an NVIS goggle-ready, IP67/68-sealed monitor that can be used in military applications. With a sunlight-readable display, fully dimmable capabilities, and an extended temperature range of -20 to 60C, the Hammer is versatile for use in all outdoor environments. High bright and NVIS backlighting ensure optimal use in all lighting conditions.

Hammer displays are engineered for military use, featuring high-shock resistance, military-grade NVIS, touchscreens with “All Weather” functionality, and a rugged chassis that can withstand harsh use.

The Hammer display can be customized to meet the use of any military project or application. As a premier military-grade monitor provider, Nauticomp Inc. has worked with organizations to develop highly specific custom design solutions that can meet the most rigorous of standards. The Hammer display can be used for simple projects or more complex and expansive applications of both first- and second-tier levels.

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