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Industrial Display and Monitors Manufacturer in the UK +

Nauticomp Inc. is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of innovative industrial computer monitors that are used for an array of applications across various industries and trades. Although we’re most well-known around the globe for our rugged military and marine displays, we also offer an expansive line of state-of-the-art rugged LCD displays and monitors that are used for retail, medical, and educational purposes.

Monitors and Displays We Offer +

From advanced panel mount displays to military and marine LCD monitors and their peripherals, we offer a wide range of industrial display monitors that can be customized according to the specific parameters of each application. We offer the following types of monitors, displays, and peripherals for special order or standard use.

Rugged Marine Displays +

Our advanced and rugged outdoor marine LCD displays and monitors are designed to withstand all kinds of harsh environmental conditions and rough usage. Even when exposed to extreme pressure and weather conditions, our military and marine displays perform well without missing a beat. Our Glass Bridge Elite, Signature II, and Genesis Series include a number of dynamic features that work together to deliver high-powered and long lasting performance at all times.

Military Displays +

Nauticomp Inc. is a world-renowned brand when it comes to military and marine display custom engineering. We deploy all of the latest technological features to ensure long-lasting excellent and reliable performance and functionality for all of our military displays. Our military-grade Hammer and Genesis series are designed to function continuously in high-stress hazardous situations and environments. Featuring unparalleled shock resistance, “All-Weather” touchscreens, and enhanced operational temperature ranges, military personnel can rely on our products to exceed their expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty.

Industrial Displays +

Industrial displays need to have high performance capacities and durable protective chasses to survive in high-stress, fast-paced work environments. These displays are used to maintain safety standards, data storage, and to communicate operational tasks between various personnel and departments. Nauticomp Inc.’s rugged LCD industrial displays are built to last and designed for both indoor and outdoor applications to combine high performance, storage capacity, and ease of use in any environment.

Waterproof Panel Mount Mouse +

What would custom industrial, marine, and military displays be without the right high-end peripherals? The waterproof panel mount mouse from Nauticomp Inc. is compatible with all of our military, marine, and industrial monitors. It can also withstand a wide range of harsh and hazardous environments to guarantee continuous usage and convenience at all times.

Commercial-Grade LED Monitors +

Nauticomp Inc. provides a series of advanced and durable commercial-grade LED monitors for a wide range of retailers and other commercial applications across the globe. Designed for everyday use in public spaces, the Titan, Centric, and Hammer series are all fully compatible with a number of technical outputs and feature sunlight readability, screen brightness adjustability, and rugged chasses for extra protection.

NVIS-Compatible Displays and Monitors +

All Nauticomp Inc. commercial, industrial, military, and marine displays and monitors feature NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) compatibility to guarantee extensive usage even in dark or conditions that inhibit visibility. NVIS is a particularly crucial feature in military and marine applications where human lives are at stake. This technology can be used to enhance visibility and ensure the safe and successful completion of high stakes missions.

Want to learn more? Discover a world of technological possibilities with Nauticomp Inc. Contact us to learn more about our innovative products and to place an order.

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