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Nauticomp Inc. is a leading provider of marine LED displays and LCD monitors, and has decades of experience designing and supplying displays for marine applications. Our waterproof marine displays are built to stringent IP67 standards, ensuring that they are the optimal and most resistant marine displays on the market.

Marine monitors must be able to withstand harsh conditions. Not only are marine monitors often exposed to water and wet conditions, but they are typically used in daylight and night-time, in extreme temperatures, and in varied weather conditions. Marine monitors are also used on a variety of vessels, from yachts to cruise ships to shipping vessels. Marine monitors must be rugged, versatile, and able to withstand use in harsh environments.

Nauticomp Inc.’s marine computers and displays are designed specifically for use in these marine environments. These are our most versatile and high-performing displays for any marine application. Nauticomp Inc. also offers custom designs to meet your marine needs, ensuring that your waterproof monitor is suitable for use in your specific application.

Marine Monitors – Features +

Nauticomp Inc.’s waterproof monitors are built and sealed to stringent IP67 standards and feature optically enhanced bonded glass to provide clarity in all lighting conditions. We offer sunlight-readable and deep-dimming and dim-to-red capabilities, allowing our marine monitors to be used in both day and night conditions. With multiple inputs, extended temperature ranges, and scalable resolution, our marine displays are both versatile and effective for all marine applications.

Our Glass Bridge Display series features the industry’s largest screen within the smallest chassis, providing enhanced clarity over similarly sized models. Our Glass Bridge displays come with a three-year limited warranty to ensure that they stand up to the harshest and most extreme marine conditions.

Application of Rugged Marine LCD Displays +

Nauticomp Inc. provides waterproof marine display models that can be used as yacht monitors, cruise ship LED displays, or as commercial boat LCD monitors. Our displays can be used for recreational, commercial, and industrial marine uses. We also offer custom designs to meet the needs of any vessel.

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