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Marine Displays +

Nauticomp Inc. is a premier provider of marine displays and monitors. Our waterproof monitors are IP67 sealed and built to stringent standards. Nauticomp Inc.’s marine displays are sunlight-readable and feature multiple inputs, optically bonded glass, and deep-dimming capabilities for high performance in all marine environments and conditions—perfect for use in commercial vessels, recreational yachts, and cruise ships. Our Glass Bride Display series features the industry’s largest screen within the smallest possible chassis and has a three-year limited warranty guarantee.

Military Displays +

Nauticomp Inc’s military displays and monitors are the most rugged and capable models available on the market, suitable for use in special operations forces, the Navy, the Army, and other military applications where high performance is a necessity. We offer models that are NVIS goggle-ready, IP67/68 sealed, capable of being used in all lighting conditions (with sunlight-readable technology, deep-dimming capabilities, and LED backlighting), and with “All Weather” touchscreens. Nauticomp Inc.’s rugged displays for military applications are the most rugged and capable solutions.

Industrial Displays +

Nauticomp Inc.’s industrial displays and monitors are rugged solutions for any industry application or use. Featuring models that are sunlight-readable and have deep-dimming capabilities, LED backlighting, multiple inputs, and versatile mounting options, Nauticomp Inc’s industry displays are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Our displays can be used for points of purchase, manufacturing, mining, drive-thrus, retail, and energy sector applications. Nauticomp Inc. offers custom designs that can meet the needs of any industry.

Custom Integration/Custom Design Displays +

As an industry-leading provider of rugged displays, Nauticomp Inc. can provide custom solutions and designs to meet your specific needs. We can design displays and monitors for the most stringent requirements and for any marine, military, industrial, or commercial application and use. Nauticomp Inc. can work with you to design a rugged display with the capabilities, functionality, and features that you need.

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