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Signature ii Display series

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Signature II Series Displays

The Signature II Series is a completely revamped line of sunlight-readable LED displays that are designed for use in marine and military applications. The Signature II Series combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use, making these rugged displays one of Nauticomp Inc.’s most prestigious product lines.

New updates to the Signature II Series include dim-to-red technology, picture-in-picture functionality to display all inputs, and an efficient, sleek design which fits a larger screen within a smaller chassis. The Signature II Series is waterproof, built to stringent IP67 standards, and suitable for use in all environments. The Signature II Series has a sunlight-readable screen and a 0%-to-100% deep-dimming potentiometer, allowing it to be used effectively in any lighting condition. Dials for dimming and brightness allow changes to be made quickly and on the fly.

Newly updated, highly efficient LED backlighting reduces power draw on all levels. The Signature II Series also features a combination of six VGA/DVI/composite inputs on all three of its models, with extended temperature ranges on the 12” and 15” models.

Applications of Signature II Series Monitors

With the Signature II Series Displays’ increased brightness and dimming options, as well as sunlight-readable LED screens and optically enhanced bonded glass, this product line is ready for use in all environments and any lighting condition. The Signature II Series is particularly suitable for use in outdoor environments for both daytime and night-time.

Signature II Series Displays are economical solutions for both marine and military applications and come with Nauticomp Inc.’s three-year limited warranty.

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Signature II Series Displays Features

  • Sunlight Readable – Ready for all environments
  • Waterproof Display– Built to Stringent IP 67 Standards
  • Bonded Glass – Optically Enhanced for clarity
  • Multiple Inputs – DVI, VGA, NTSC, PAL, SEC AM
  • Deep Dimming – 0 to 100% via “Potentiometer”
  • Superior Image – Scalable resolution up to SXGA
  • LED Backlighting – Reduces Power draw at all levels
  • Extended Temperature Range – on 12” & 15” Models
  • Picture in Picture – Designed to display ALL inputs
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