6 Digital Signage Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

digital signage trendsThere’s no way anyone could have possibly foreseen the unfathomable events that took place in 2020. A massive worldwide pandemic that would basically put life as we all know it on hold and forever alter the way we conduct our daily business seems like a scenario directly out of a George Orwell novel. But that’s exactly what happened. As the world underwent this colossal change and financial devastation, not to mention the immense strain that was placed on our healthcare systems, we learned how to cope with unthinkable tragedy as a whole and adjust to making more virtual connections out of necessity.

With the promise of various COVID-19 vaccines being made available in the coming months, 2021 already appears to be brighter and more hopeful than its predecessor. But the events of the past year have changed the course of technological communications and, as a direct result, the development and direction of digital signage applications for the future.

Here are six digital signage trends to look out for in 2021 and how they’ll most likely impact our daily professional and personal lives.

1. High-Quality Bright Display Screens

Lockdowns and social distancing mandates have forced most people to rely on various forms of technological communication as their main source of social interaction. That means it’s important for the quality of screen displays and brightness capacities to keep up with the demand and need for more screen time.

This year, tech companies will most likely focus on finding new and innovative ways to improve user experiences with screen displays and make this technology more easily accessible to a wider demographic. Ultraviolet displays that allow users to comfortably view screens even in bright settings aren’t a new concept. But the cost of these displays is expected to go down this year, making them more widely available to the general public.

2. Automated Content Creation

Industrial automation has been an emerging trend for many years now. From boosting efficiency in production and assembly lines to automated self-serve kiosks at gas stations, as well as self-checkouts at grocery stores, automation is all around us. It’s even made its way into the realm of digital marketing and advertising.

Content scheduling has already significantly improved the way in which content is posted and delivered to key audience members. With the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before digital marketing companies start using automated programs and platforms to create high-quality content.

3. The Growth of the Digital Market

People have been online shopping for many years now. Although this isn’t an entirely new concept, our outlook on the practice has changed a great deal over the course of the past year. Online shopping has undoubtedly become more of a convenient necessity than just a luxury in light of COVID-19. Immunocompromised individuals who don’t feel comfortable shopping for basic necessities in public have come to rely heavily on online shopping and delivery platforms.

Businesses that have been forced to close their physical doors have had to adapt to e-commerce practices to maintain their customer brand loyalty and their livelihoods. Hence, companies have to expand their digital product and service catalogues to make them more easily accessible and digestible for people shopping from the safety and comfort of their homes. Experts predict this trend will continue through the end of 2021 and beyond as more people become accustomed to this new normal or at least until the pandemic is officially over.

4. Advanced Audience Tracking

In an effort to increase and improve customer engagement and create more positive experiences, companies will continue to collect and thoroughly analyze user data from their websites. Considering more and more people are shopping online these days rather than in store, it makes sense for companies to try to gain a strong understanding of the needs of their target audience while continuing to reach out to new demographics.

The best way to expand your audience while nurturing existing relationships is to analyze their behaviour on your website. This includes past purchases, products and services they’ve viewed, and even searches that led them directly to your website.

Online surveys are a great way to gain insight into the mindset of existing and potential audience members without necessarily invading their privacy. This method also allows you to create targeted ads that speak directly to specific audience members and spike their interests. Based on their past purchases and product views, you can implement algorithms on your website that help determine what their interests are and make personalized product and service recommendations.

5. Mobile Device and Digital Signage Compatibility

Remote business practices and management dictate that digital advertising should be a more personalized experience for your customers. What better way is there to forge a personalized digital relationship with your audience members than through their mobile devices? In 2021, it’s predicted that this already prominent digital signage trend will continue to gain more traction as more people opt for online shopping.

Implementing QR codes as well as digital galleries and tours provide your audience members with immediate digital access to your physical displays and inventory in real-time without having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. Audience members should be able to access these features via special insider emails or directly through your website.

6. Improved Interactivity and Security

Enhanced online interactivity also requires more stringent security measures to protect the identity of your customers and the data they enter into your website. Customers need to feel safe and secure while browsing through your catalogue or entering sensitive information like their names, addresses, and payment credentials. Hackers have become increasingly adept at installing sophisticated identity-stealing malware on professional company websites, so it’s important to take all necessary precautions to protect your business and customers as much as possible.

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