How Can You Enhance Defense Mission Performance with Rugged Military LCD Displays?

When it comes to the military, lives are always on the line. The greatest intelligence and equipment are required for diverse military teams to succeed on a specific mission. And it’s no longer an assumption that military men are expected to be rugged at all times—day and night. Therefore, they need rugged devices to help them perform their duty. One of these devices is the rugged military LCD display.

A rugged LCD display can operate in any weather condition you might think of, be it heavy rainfall, intense brightness and darkness, shocks, and vibration. With a rugged LCD display, you will have a high-resolution image and clear night vision to enhance a timely, completed, and safe mission. If you are a military personnel, sit back as we journey into how you can enhance your defense mission performance in this post.

Why Do Military and Defense Personnel Choose Rugged Displays over Regular Monitors?

  • Rugged LCD Displays are built to withstand the worst conditions so that you can rely on them in extremely cold temperatures, moisture, and dark and light environments. They always function to the highest standards in any project.
  • It is the most durable technology created to fulfill your requirements.
  • Rugged military LCD displays are designed to fulfill all military specifications.
  • Our entire line of high-performance rugged displays is at the forefront of leading-edge display technology.

Defense Rugged Displays Checklist

Here are some important elements you need to look out for in a rugged defense display.                                                                 

LED Backlights

In daytime lighting settings, an LED backlight offers improved illumination that ensures perfect visibility and balances intense illumination. Backlights are used in low light conditions to help increase readability. The LED monitor uses light-emitting diodes for the backlight. An LED backlight is very important because it affects the quality of an image.

PCAP Touchscreen

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP) is an advanced touchscreen with specialized coatings and films for increased optical performance, making them ideal for industrial or commercial applications. The use of PCAP, the newest touch sensor technology, has improved and aided in the evolution of devices. It has a touchscreen with a high resolution, quick response time, and an intuitive interface.

NVIS Support (Night Vision Imaging System)

NVIS is designed to enhance safe night missions. Every display used by the military has to be visible and dependable at night. NVIS is required for use in military applications. When interpreting light into objects that are far away and that you normally can’t see with your eyes alone, you can rely on NVIS.

Must Comply with MIL-STD (Defense Standard)

Military Standard (MIL-STD) is a set of environmental tests performed on rugged military materials under various harsh climatic and dynamic circumstances, including intense heat and cold. This is to ensure every military product meets the requirements for being field-ready.

Defense LCD Display Certifications and Requirements

Our military displays meet every requirement that makes them fit for field use such as:

IEC609945 Standards

Our defense monitors are made in accordance with IEC609945 standards, which means that they adhere to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s requirements for electrical, labelling, performance, and test procedures for electrical and electronic devices.

IP67/68 Rating

Our displays meet the IP rating, indicating that all our products satisfy waterproofness, dust, and water resistance requirements. This standard is established by the Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) IEC standard 60529. Each finished product is put through testing to see if the material is resistant to moisture and other raw materials like sand and dust before it can be approved for use. 


Every rugged display goes through the MIL-STD which is majorly designed for the military. The U.S Department of Defense employs MIL-STD810 to achieve its predetermined goals. This is done to make sure that every product complies with the standards necessary to qualify as a military-grade.

Nauticomp’s Rugged LCD Displays Designed for Defense Operations

At Nauticomp, we carry the following military-grade displays.

Rugged Military-Grade Hammer Display

hammer series Display

The most durable military-grade LCD is the hammer display, as it can deliver great performance under adverse environments. For today’s military, missions are made easy by the Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS), which has multiple backlighting settings. It is a rugged technology with features like waterproofness and sunlight readability that provide image clarity, high shock resistance, touchscreens, and military-grade NVIS. It also has the ability to accommodate multiple display sizes and can be entirely dimmed to black. This military-grade Hammer Display comes with a three-year warranty.

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Genesis Display Series

Genesis Series

The Genesis Display series comes with highly efficient LED Backlight Technology, 1 DV1 & 1 VGA. It provides a rugged and economical solution for both marine and military applications. It is sunlight readable for all environments, waterproofed, and has an extended temperature range on the 15” model. Deep dimming is guaranteed from -0 to 100% via a potentiometer.

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Centric GB Displays

Centric GB Displays

The Centric Glass Bridge (GB) is designed by high-tech captains for rugged usage. It has the look and feel of an authentic glass bridge, meeting the demands of commercial and recreational vessels alike. It is also functional with multiple inputs, including DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video. It features a compact remote that allows up to five monitors to be controlled from a single keypad.

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Why Choose Nauticomp as Your Defense LCD Display Manufactures?

Nauticomp Inc. is a leading supplier of military LCD monitors, defense monitors, and waterproof defense monitors for maritime and military applications. Nauticomp Inc. is at the forefront of display technology in terms of customer service and support, product innovation, ruggedness, and high performance.

We design the most durable, capable, and adaptable monitors to meet your demands in any environment or application. We also offer a one-year warranty as a guarantee that our displays are the most durable and high-performance versions available. Contact us today for more information.