Rack Mounted Displays Suitable for Submarines

A rack mounted display is a type of computer monitor or display specifically designed to be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack. This type of display is often used for various technology-intensive environments, such as in data centers, network operations centers, and industrial control rooms. In the case of submarines, a rack mounted display can provide a compact and rugged solution for displaying important information and data to the crew.

One of the key benefits of using a rack mounted display in a submarine is that it allows for the efficient use of space. Because submarines are typically cramped and have limited room for equipment, a panel mount display can be a great way to conserve space while still providing the necessary information to the crew. Additionally, rack mounted displays are often designed to be rugged and durable, making them well-suited for use in the challenging environment of a submarine.

Another advantage of using a naval mount is that it can be easily integrated into the existing systems and equipment. For example, a marine LCD monitor can be easily connected to the submarine’s computer systems, allowing the crew to access critical information and data in real time. Additionally, rack mounted displays can often be configured and customized to meet the submarine’s and its crew’s specific needs.

Here’s a look at some of Nauticomp’s marine monitors.

Titan Commercial-Grade LED Displays

Titan Commercial Grade LED Display

Titan commercial-grade displays are now available at a price that won’t break the bank. Our different sizes and formats of flexible displays combine state-of-the-art features with user-friendliness, such as daylight readable LED backlight technology and multiple inputs. This product is well-designed for today’s professional customers, with several video inputs/outputs, speakers for audio alarms, and a potentiometer for total dimming to black—all housed in sturdy housing.

Displays from the Titan Series have proven reliable for years, inspiring faith in their wide audience; they are also type-approved and ready to be integrated into your IMO bridge systems.

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Genesis Series DisplaysGenesis Series marine display

The Genesis series is a cost-effective marine LCD monitor that is waterproof. The 15″ and 19″ monitors include extremely efficient LED backlight technology and 2 inputs (1 DVI and 1 VGA) that combine state-of-the-art hardware with user-friendliness.

With this product, the customer may fit a larger display into a smaller area while still using Nauticomp’s well-known dim-to-red technology and sleek case design.

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Signature II Series DisplaysLED Backlight Technology

Displays from the Signature II Series are a reliable and cost-effective option for the Navy and the armed forces. The Signature II displays incorporate all the state-of-the-art technology available today, focusing on user-friendliness. This includes the latest in energy-efficient LED backlight technology. This newly redesigned device features our well-known dim-to-red technology on all inputs.

With today’s slimmer case design, users can fit a bigger screen into a smaller area, and a dial lets them adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast on the fly. The Signature II Series’ continued success is mostly because the 15″ and 19″ versions have three inputs: one DVI, one VGA, and one composite.

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Nauticomp Passed Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Nauticomp To Demonstrate Marine LED Display Waterproof Test

Nauticomp To Demonstrate Marine LED Display Waterproof Test

The degree to which electrical equipment is protected against the intrusion of solids and liquids is known as its ingress protection. There are two numbers for every IP rating. The first value indicates the object’s resistance to penetration by solids, from complete vulnerability to protect against dust particles. The second rating is for how well it holds up against liquids, from completely defenseless to completely impervious.

All Nauticomp displays are built and tested to an ingress protection level (IP) of 67. The 6 means the device is dustproof, while the 7 means it can be submerged in water for one minute at a depth of one meter. The display cases are completely impermeable because of how the aluminum housings are welded together inside.

Nauticomp maritime displays and their associated cables and connectors are built to an IP68 standard, the second number indicating that they can be submerged to a depth of three meters indefinitely.

Rack Mounted Display Installation Process/Guide

  • Attach the four VESA mount PEMS to the back of the screen to create the ‘Ram mount.’
  • Unscrew the massive wing nut and slide the ‘Ram mount’ arm over the pedestal ball to attach it to the bracket.
  • Nauticomp’s power supply requires input voltage wires (1) to be connected to the ship’s power supply (either 12, 24, 36 VDC, or 110 VAC, depending on the order). A positive input terminal is indicated by a red wire, while a black wire indicates a negative terminal. Make sure all connections are snug.
  • Join the screen’s power cable (2) to the wall outlet. Use the positive output terminal for the red wire and the negative terminal for the black wire. Make sure all the plugs are securely tightened.
  • Turn the connector so the LTW logo is not visible in the screen’s field of view. Connectors can be made more secure by pressing in and turning them in a clockwise direction. All the LTW round-ended cables should be treated similarly.
  • To check for a solid connection, gently tug on each cable.

Nauticomp Inc. provides world-class fully customizable touchscreen displays for commercial and industrial settings. With features like sunlight readability, brightness adjustability, infrared lighting, full backlighting, all-weather capabilities, etc., our displays are second to none. Contact us today to learn more.