Rugged LCD Displays for Air Traffic Control

When it comes to rugged LCD displays, it’s arguable that no industry needs them more than Air Traffic Control. Considering the fact that these facilities and their workers are responsible for the safe and reliable transportation of commercial flights, private jets, and military planes, they need to have the most state-of-the-art technology available on the market right at their fingertips to ascertain safe and efficient delivery of passengers and commercial goods alike. With that in mind, there are numerous important features that LCD displays used in the Air Traffic Control industry must possess in order to facilitate the most efficient and accurate flight routes and prevent airplanes from coming into close contact with one another.

Air Traffic Control LCD Displays

Many people don’t really give much thought to the jobs of Air Traffic Controllers while they’re boarding a plane, but it’s definitely important not to underestimate the work they do because they’re responsible for thinking ten steps ahead of the pilot and predicting any potential issues that could occur midflight. The only way they can perform their jobs effectively and to the best of their abilities is if they have an extremely reliable display system to work with as they watch the skies from their positions on the ground.

Why Air Traffic Controllers Need Rugged LCD Displays

In order for Air Traffic Controllers to be able to accurately direct flights and help pilots avoid bad weather and other aircrafts, they need to have the right tools at their disposal. High-end LCD displays serve that purpose well because they offer a series of unparalleled features that can help guarantee safe travels for everyone involved. These typically include custom sizes based on the needs of each individual agent, sunlight readability, highly respondent touchscreens that don’t lag, extensive temperature ranges, and being completely weatherproof.

On top of all of that, these devices must be capable of instantaneously adjusting to all kinds of travel conditions because they’ll inevitably be exposed to a wide range of turbulent and unpredictable weather conditions. While it’s the Air Traffic Controller’s job to be able to spot potential discrepancies that could hinder or derail a flight from a great distance, the technology they’re using should also be durable enough to help them accurately and efficiently make these predictions. All incoming text and image correspondence from the accompanying towers must come in clear and immediately so that each directive an Air Traffic Controller provides is in real-time for the benefit of the person piloting each aircraft.

Why Choose a Rugged LCD Display from Nauticomp Inc.

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