Benefits of Choosing a Rugged Tablet Instead of a Smart Tablet for Your Industrial Applications

Commercial and rugged tablets are slowly but surely infiltrating every aspect of our daily business operations. They come with a wide variety of physical and internal features that are custom designed to meet the standards and requirements of both slow and fast-paced industries. As the name suggests, these types of tablets are specially designed to withstand particularly harsh working and weather conditions. Unlike standard commercial tablets, rugged tablets have a greater endurance for being dropped and being subjected to generally rough usage. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using rugged tablets for your business.

Mobility and Security

Tablets that are specifically manufactured for industrial use such as on construction sites or in naval bases come equipped with additional impenetrable security features that guarantee the protection of sensitive company information. They’re also easy to navigate even for the most inexperienced users and are portable so that they can conveniently be moved from one location to another with ease.

High Performance Processing

Industrial tablets are built with stronger internal and external structures that can endure even the most rigourous indoor or outdoor working conditions. Whether you work in a warehouse and require a device that has a high capacity for storing pertinent data or even if you work outdoors in a job that requires a great deal of information processing, rugged tablets offer a viable solution.

Sunlight Readability

Sunlight readability is an extremely important feature for industrial rugged tablets to have because these devices are mostly meant for outdoor use. It prevents glares caused by strong sunlight from obstructing your ability to read and operate tasks on your device.

Temperature Resistance

Manufacturers understand that many industrial workers are often forced to endure difficult working conditions such as rapid and drastic fluctuation in temperature. Depending on the type of work you do—whether you work in construction, in a coal mine, or on a naval based—the temperatures could change from one extreme to another in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, commercial-grade tablets aren’t durable enough to survive these changes and could start lagging or freeze up entirely at inopportune moments during your workday.

Wireless or Bluetooth Connectivity

Hands-free operations are a crucial aspect of working in high impact environments and devices that have these capabilities make it possible for you to complete your work while also recording accurate data in real-time. It also helps to ensure the safety of your workers by allowing you to track their exact movements and location at any given time on the jobsite.

Versatile and Compatible with Different Operating Systems

Most rugged tablets also come with versatile features that are compatible with every operating system in existence. Touchscreen capabilities in conjunction with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity add an additional level of adaptability that make these devices the optimal choice for any industrial working environment.

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