Displays are Standard on Westport 130s

Pilothouses On Westport 130 Yachts
Now Feature Nauticomp Centric GB Widescreen Displays
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ONTARIO, CANADA – Nauticomp Centric GB (Glass Bridge) 26” widescreen, thin edge displays are now installed as standard equipment to provide a clean, modern look to the pilothouses of all Westport 130 (40m) yachts.

Centric GB Displays are specially-designed for multiple display installations and include a compact remote to control up to 5 displays from a single keypad. Multiple inputs available at each display, allow access to all sources (DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video) with complete redundancy. They also offer deep dimming (0 to 100% via ‘Potentiometer’), as well as Picture in Picture and Picture beside Picture capability.

For more information about Nauticomp Centric GB Displays, visit www.nauticomp.com or call 1+705.328.2992.

Nauticomp, Inc. – 8 Callaghan Road – Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R4 Canada 

Product information release prepared by Home Port Marine Marketing