How to Choose Monitors That Reduce Eye Strain?

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Eyestrain is a fairly common condition amongst office workers everywhere. Staring at a computer screen for long hours on end while you work can put a great deal of strain on your eyes, causing them to feel dry, tired, and watery. This is an extremely uncomfortable condition, but it can be remedied by replacing your current computer screen with one of the best eye care and anti-glare monitors for poor eyesight on the market.


What Is Digital Eyestrain?


Digital eyestrain, also known as computer vision syndrome, is a condition that affects approximately 75% of people who spend eight hours or more working in front of a computer or other digital device. After a while, eyes can start to feel fatigued, dry, and even teary. Digital eyestrain can temporarily affect your vision, making it out of focus and hard to see.


Doing simple eye exercises throughout the day can help. Try rolling your eyeballs in different directions, then look to the left and right without moving your head. Lastly, take a few minutes here and there to look away from your screen to give your eyes a bit of a break.


You should also consider investing in commercial or industrial display monitors that include specific features to protect your eyes.


What Features Do the Best Eye Care and Anti-Glare Monitors Have?


The best eye care and anti-glare monitors for poor eyesight should have either some or all of the following features:


Flicker-free monitors


Monitors contain LED backlights to evenly distribute light throughout the screen for ultimate visibility. These lights turn on and off rapidly, sometimes causing the screen to flicker, which forces the eyes to work harder to see what’s on the screen and leads to eye fatigue, headaches, and strain. Flicker-free monitors provide a flicker-free viewing experience by dimming screen brightness to reduce eyestrain.


Curved monitors


With a wider field of view, longer viewing angles, and lower distortion levels, curved monitors effectively reduce eyestrain and make it easier for users to view onscreen text and images.


Ergonomic design


Monitors with an ergonomic design can be adjusted according to the height and field of vision of each individual user to reduce neck, back, shoulder, and eyestrain.


Blue light filters


Blue light is a short wavelength high-energy light. It’s one of the main aspects of the visible light spectrum that the human eye can detect, and it’s typically emitted from computer monitors. It can exponentially increase eyestrain and fatigue, which is why a lot of modern industrial computer monitors and displays have a built-in or add-on blue light filter.


Anti-glare panel


Screen glares or reflections force you to strain your eyes in order to see what’s on the screen better. Built-in anti-glare panels or filters eliminate onscreen reflections so that you don’t have to squint or strain your eyes and can comfortably view the screen.


Monitors with IPS panels


There are several types of IPS panels on the market including S-IPS, H-IPS, AHVA, and Super PLS. All of them offer exceptional eye protection to varying degrees.


Get the Latest Advanced Industrial Display Monitors


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