Nauticomp Inc. Comments on New Report Showing Growth in LED Display Market

Lindsay, Canada, February 5, 2016 – Nauticomp Inc. (, an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition, is commenting on a new report that predicts significant growth in the LED display market.

The market for LED displays is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 14.7% per year, according to a new market study from Transparency Market Research. This would mean that the LED market will grow from its current $4.8 billion valuation to a $12.5 billion industry in 2020. (Source: “Global Outdoor LED Displays Market to develop at 14.70% CAGR From 2014 to 2020: Transparency Market Research,” Sys-Con, January 28, 2016;

“LED monitors and displays are experiencing exponential growth right now,” says Ryan Moore, president of Nauticomp Inc. “LED monitors aren’t new technology. They’ve been used in the marine and military industries for years, but we’re now starting to see them gain traction in other industries, such as manufacturing and even retail.”

The increasing demand for LED monitors is largely being driven by commercial industries, with sports stadiums and public events helping fuel the demand. LED displays are now being used for marketing and promotional purposes, both in stores and outdoors.

“Outdoor displays have been a premier option in the past, designed mostly for government or industrial use,” notes Moore. “As they’ve come down in price, their popularity has really been growing across the board. Now, any business has access to the same high-level technology that was previously only used for marine or even military use.”

Much of the projected growth in the LED display market is being attributed to the high display quality, far surpassing many other types of monitors available on the market. However, for stadium screens or other outdoor uses, LED displays need to be specially designed for use outdoors.

“Displays that are used outdoors are exposed to a range of harsh conditions,” says Moore. “These types of rugged displays are specifically manufactured for use outdoors. A lot of the market growth is going to be with these types of displays.”

Outdoor displays need to be waterproof, be able to withstand rain, as well as have higher operational temperature ranges, to withstand extreme hot or cold weather. Moore says these displays are wildly different than the regular displays consumers may have experience with, and they need to come from experienced display manufacturers.

“One of the most important considerations is that these displays are sunlight-readable,” says Moore. “A regular display won’t actually be suited for use in outdoor lighting conditions, day or night. These displays need to have sunlight-readable technology, as well as dimming capabilities for night-time use.”

The growth in the LED display market is expected to occur internationally. Currently, both Europe and North America are the leading continents for LED display use. The increasing availability of custom solutions is believed to be one factor behind the popularity of LED displays.

“A good LED display manufacturer can create custom designs for any client,” says Moore. “The industry has come a long way. LED displays and monitors are more available than ever for businesses, so there’s no surprise that the market is expected to double in less than five years.”

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