5 Effective Digital Signage Uses for the Parking Industry

Indoor underground parking garages and above-ground parking lots provide ample untapped opportunities for digital signage advertisements and other important features that customers will undoubtedly find useful. Yet, for some reason many brands have failed or neglected to take advantage of this potentially lucrative business and brand awareness growth opportunity. Parking lots and underground garages are the first point of contact that customers have with a shopping or retail environment.

While they may be scrambling to try to find a parking spot, commercial monitors that display specific types of information such as directions to additional parking spaces could be very helpful to them.

Wayfinding Technology

One of the biggest complaints people generally have about underground parking lots other than the fact that they’re dark and dank is their lack of directional signage. Whether you’re in a condo building or shopping center, sometimes it can be hard to find your way around, especially when you’re in a hurry to find an available parking space. Commercial LED displays are a great solution to this problem. Not only can they direct you to an area with available parking, but they can also help you find the nearest street exits and building entrances so you’re not left wandering around helplessly.

Security Alerts

The majority of car thefts tend to happen inside large parking areas such as those found at shopping centers, subway stations, and even paid parking lots. Since these areas tend to attract a lot of tourists, their vehicles are typically easy targets for car thieves. Installing industrial displays that are equipped with surveillance cameras and security alerts is an easy and cost-effective solution to deter thieves in your commercial parking lot.

Essential Parking Information

Major shopping centers like Yorkdale in Toronto or the famous West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta tend to fill up quickly on weekends to the extent that it’s almost impossible to find a parking space. There’s nothing worse than spending 30 to 40 minutes just driving aimlessly around a mall parking lot trying to find a parking space. Digital displays have changed all of that. Modern malls have installed digital signs at every entry point that alert customers which sections of the parking lot are full and which sections have available parking. On top of that, these signs also have the capacity to display exactly how many empty spaces are currently available.

Displaying Speed Limits

When you’re driving around a busy parking lot, sometimes it can be very easy to miss those static speed limit signs. Mall parking lots are usually crawling with pedestrians including small children and you have to be extremely attentive to that. Plus, you’re looking for a parking space and don’t want to miss one by accident. Displaying speed limits on digital signage throughout the parking lot makes it easier for motorists to notice and adhere to them safely.

Opportunities for Promotions and Advertisements

As mentioned, parking lots offer a lot of often missed opportunities for advertisers to get their brand messaging and promotions out there. From pillars to bare walls and even digital displays hanging from the ceiling, there are plenty of prime advertising spaces inside commercial parking lots.

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