How Digital Signage Can Be Useful for Commercial Business Enhancement

The digital signage industry is taking the marketing and advertising world by storm—and for good reason! Incorporating digital displays into your marketing strategy will give you the competitive edge you need to go up against e-commerce companies. Digital displays are captivating, engaging, and most of all, highly effective. Proven to improve the quality of customer interactions and level of engagement, these technological marketing wonders pretty much pay for themselves.

When it comes to creating dynamic and interesting content that’s also incredibly easy to update and maintain, commercial LED displays are the ideal solution for major shopping centers, plazas, and even individual storefronts.

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7 Ways Digital Signage Can Change the Way You Do Business


1. Filling Prime Advertising Space

Pretty much any commercial space can be used to advertise for your business. Whether you’re promoting a new product, service, or special offer, empty spaces are the perfect place to advertise whatever you’re offering! Billboards, parking lot posts, large walls on your storefront, the inside of bathroom stalls, and other empty spaces where customers are likely to come upon your advertisements are all great examples of how you can showcase your marketing prowess.
If you’re wondering how you can keep track of all of these amazing advertising spaces, that’s exactly where digital displays come in. You no longer have to manually change out static advertisements one by one.

2. Easy and Convenient Content Management

This brings us to our next point: digital marketing is extremely manageable and convenient. Static signage is expensive, it can easily be damaged or vandalized, and it can quickly become outdated. In this day and age, advertising moves faster than ever as new information about products, technology, and services is constantly being released. Potential customers are constantly being bombarded with all of this information and for that reason, it’s in your best interest to keep your company far ahead of the curve. To stand out and be heard above all of that static noise, you need to create unique and up-to-the-minute content that your target audience can relate to and effortlessly access. Installing digital displays throughout shopping centers, storefronts, and on billboards over busy roadways gives you the upper hand you need to reach a much broader scope of prospective customers and increase your brand awareness.

3. Enhancing Overall Customer Experience

Impress your existing customers and work on attracting new ones by actively enhancing their experience while shopping in your establishment. Retail, restaurant, and all kinds of entertainment-related businesses can benefit from incorporating more digital signage in their marketing strategies. Most people these days are visual learners. This is evident from the fact that a lot of people are constantly on their phones.

So how can you get people to look up from their personal mobile devices long enough to notice and learn about your brand? By speaking directly to their digital sensibilities. Create unique content that grabs and keeps their attention. Stimulate your customers’ senses with bright colours, moving images, and videos that explain what you’re offering to them. Additionally, implementing interactive displays that provide the exact information customers are looking for is a sure-fire way to grab their attention.

4. Displaying New Information in Real-Time

Keeping up with the latest industry-related trends has never been easier than it is with the use of commercial monitors. As mentioned, you can manually change advertisements whenever new promotions and information become available. The best part is that you don’t have to hire someone to come in and replace static paper signs for you. Displaying information in real-time is a great way to show your customers that you’re down with the times and know how to appeal to their specific interests.

5. Digital Wayfinding Capabilities

Until about 10 to 15 years ago, mall patrons were forced to use static maps to try to find their favourite stores inside large and sometimes intimidating shopping centers. Sifting through a long list of stores can be quite time consuming and even aggravating for some patrons.

Digital touchscreen mall maps are not only easier and much more convenient to use, but they can also save people a great deal of time. All you have to do is type in the name of the store you’re looking for, and the screen will display a digital map with exact directions on how to get there. Wayfinding capabilities also drive more customers to individual stores within shopping centers by getting them faster.

Without this option, shoppers are left wholly to their own devices when it comes to finding certain stores. Rather than having that laser focused determination of finding the store they were originally looking for, they might get sidetracked and wander into other stores, completely forgetting about the reason they came to the mall in the first place.

6. Schedule New Content Displays in Advance

One of the most enticing aspects of utilizing digital displays as a core component of your face-to-face marketing strategy is that you can conveniently schedule content well ahead of time. Creating a content schedule is a great idea because it guarantees that the content is released on a consistent basis and you’ll never miss out on new advertising opportunities. This is a balanced form of customer outreach that ascertains connecting with numerous markets on a regular basis.

The best part is that you won’t always be stuck working behind a computer screen trying to design new advertisements within a short period of time. Take the hassle out of creating and releasing new content by working in advance.

7. Generating Additional Revenue for Businesses

Regardless of the type of industry you work in, one of your key goals should be to make a strong impression on your customers. And the best way to accomplish this goal is to create dynamic interactive content that’s memorable. Advertising goes so much further than simply delivering key brand messaging; one of its most important components is to make sure that message is memorable and important enough to your customers that they’re willing to share it with their friends and family. Word of mouth is and will always be the best form of advertising because it usually comes from a trusted source. What better way to ensure that customers are telling everyone they know about your brand than by giving them the ultimate customer experience?

For years, Nauticomp Inc. has been one of the leading worldwide designers and manufacturers of commercial LED displays and monitors for a wide range of industries. From retail environments to restaurants, military and marines operations, our customizable digital displays can withstand all kinds of working conditions. Contact us today to discuss your options or to learn more about our products.