5 Features Every Enterprise Digital Signage Must Have

Digital signage is a common staple feature of virtually every modern business model. Whether it’s retail, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, or even the military, every enterprise uses some form of digital signage to advertise their brand, store data, or complete certain tasks.

Large scale companies rely heavily on vast networks of enterprise digital signage and rugged commercial displays to broadcast brand messaging and deploy effective marketing material. Managing and streamlining these initiatives can be challenging from a singular standpoint, but it’s not entirely impossible as long as your displays are equipped with the five important features of digital signage outlined in this article.

What Is Enterprise Digital Signage?

Enterprise digital signage is a technological network used by large companies to deploy a wide range of applications such as displaying wayfinding directories, meeting room digital signage, digital marketing dashboards, professional conference and tradeshow leaderboards, and so much more. These networks typically consist of a large number of displays that can be remotely controlled from one or more locations using specific software and platforms.

What Are Some Essential Features of Enterprise Digital Signage?

To maximize optimal results and scalability, enterprise digital signage should have the following features.

Central Control Capabilities

As mentioned, enterprise digital signage consists of a large network of displays that transmit a variety of dynamic content across multiple communication channels and locations. Keeping track of all of that content using individual devices and networks is nearly impossible. That’s why advanced enterprise digital signage networks have singular central control capabilities that make it easier to scale and manage content from one principal cloud-based platform. Secure cloud-based platforms can be accessed from multiple remote locations by authorized personnel to make necessary modifications or updates.

Powerful API

Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary type of computing software that facilitates digital communications between two or more software, hardware, programs, or applications. Companies can benefit greatly from using custom APIs that offer specific computational solutions based on the size and scope of their network connections.

Unwavering Security and Accessibility

Enterprise digital signage platforms typically store a lot of sensitive and confidential company information including customer and employee data. If this information gets into the wrong hands, the outcome could be catastrophic for your business, your employees, and your customers. As a result, enterprise digital signage platforms should be equipped with high security features such as single sign-on (SSO) authentication, a state-of-the-art firewall, antivirus software, remote monitoring software, and vulnerability scanners, to name a few.

Commercial-Grade Displays

Commercial-grade displays have rugged features such as a strong chassis, optical bonding, waterproof capabilities, dustproof capabilities, sunlight readability, etc. that make them the ideal choice for public enterprise digital displays. They can withstand a wide range of light or severe weather conditions and even rough usage in all kinds of environments and are guaranteed to last a long time.

System-Wide Alerts

Emergency situations can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Whether it’s a crime or severe weather event, it’s important to alert all employees and customers in the area that may be affected by the situation immediately. When choosing an advanced digital signage system for your enterprise, opt for one that includes a built-in emergency alert software platform. That way, you can quickly broadcast emergency alerts to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is informed of the situation and how to stay safe.

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