Features, Uses, and Benefits of Rugged LCD Displays

hammer series rugged displayWhat’s the appeal of rugged LCD displays? Are they really worth the extra upfront money or should you opt for a cheaper option instead? The answers to these questions depend largely on what the displays are being used for and in what capacity. Rugged LCD displays have been around for a fairly long time and their uses range from aiding in military and marines operations to the retail, restaurant, hospitality, and medical industries. Keep reading to learn all about the distinct features and benefits of rugged LCD touchscreen monitors and displays.

What Is a Rugged LCD Display?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Equipped with an ultra-thin screen, LCD displays provide high-definition crystal-clear picture quality. They’re comprised of two pieces of polarizing glass that are held together with a layer of liquid film in between. The picture quality of LCD displays is enhanced by strong fluorescent backlighting that shines through the two layers of glass and illuminates the internal crystals.

What Are Some Notable Features of Rugged LCD Displays?

Some notable features of LCD displays include:

  • They’re capable of lasting approximately 30,000 hours with continuous use for about 10 hours per day (that’s the equivalent of about 8 years)
  • Touchscreen LCD displays won’t overheat if they’re left on for long periods of time, which is ideal for environments and applications that require ongoing usage (e.g., military and marine ops, retail displays, restaurant digital menus, medical facilities, etc.)
  • Designed and manufactured with high performance standards to withstand extremely harsh weather and usage conditions
  • Dustproof and waterproof to prevent miniscule elements from causing internal damages
  • Sunlight readability and extensive brightness adjustment capability to facilitate usage in all lighting conditions
  • They’re completely shock- and vibration-proof to protect the internal mechanisms from damage caused by external elements
  • They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from below freezing to extremely hot, depending on the environment

What Are Some Common Uses for Rugged LCD Displays?

Rugged LCD monitors and touchscreen displays are ideal for a variety of uses and applications. Whether you’re using them for work or play, LCD displays are capable of handling anything you can throw at them. Many consumers purchase LCD displays for personal use such as at-home gaming, doing schoolwork, and more recently working from home.

LCD displays also have great industrial use, however. They can be used as digital displays in retail settings, digital menu boards in restaurants, digital patient sign-in forms for medical facilities, and so much more. Their unmatched durability and flexibility even make them the ideal tool for a number of military and marines applications.

Benefits of Rugged LCD Displays from Nauticomp Inc.

Nauticomp Inc. started off manufacturing technologically advanced rugged LCD displays and monitors strictly for marines and military operations in 1997. Since then, we’ve successfully expanded our operations and variety of LCD displays to meet a variety of industry-specific needs, including commercial and personal use. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to place an order.