6 Benefits of Digital Signage and Mobile Device Interactivity

digital signage and mobile integrationDigital signage and smartphones have made the impossible possible—humans can now directly communicate with computers. This direct form of contact makes for some interesting, captivating, and distinctive marketing campaigns. Connectivity between interactive digital signage campaigns and smartphones opens up a whole new world of advertising outreach that simply wasn’t available before.

Here are six major benefits of combining digital signage and smartphone connectivity for your advertising campaigns.

Boosts Interactivity and Personalized Communication

Existing and prospective customers always like to feel like they’re unique. Digital advertising campaigns should strive to speak to customers as individuals not as groups of people. After all, everyone has different tastes and preferences that appeal to them. Whether you’re trying to target a specific demographic or a broader group of people, it’s important to speak to each of them on an individual level.

Giving consumers the option to personally communicate with your digital signage advertisements through their smartphones is an effective way to bridge the gap between you and them. All you have to do is provide a QR code for people to scan on their smartphones and the advertisements or special deals will appear directly on their devices. This type of interaction is mutually beneficial because it gives your customers a chance to interact with your brand personally while allowing you to communicate your brand messaging directly to your consumers.

Also, you can get creative with the individualized promotions by making them into fun mobile games that consumers can play at their leisure. Throw in a few incentives like special promotions, product coupons, or a chance to win prizes, and you’ve got a real winning combination on your hands!

Audience Tracking with Analytics

Audience tracking sounds a lot more nefarious than it actually is. You’re not literally spying on your target audience members. What this actually entails is collecting user data (with their explicit knowledge and permission) in order to appeal to your target audience on a more personalized level and offer them quality product and service recommendations that are right up their alley.

By learning about the personal interests and preferences of your target audience members, you can curate custom-tailored promotional offers that they’ll actually be interested in rather than just blindly throwing a dart at the board and hoping that it sticks the landing. Consumers will appreciate and respond positively to this personalized approach a lot more because they’ll feel like they’re getting something worthwhile out of it and that you care about their personal interests.

Improves Sales

Combining digital signage campaigns with mobile connectivity creates unparalleled opportunities for custom-tailored advertising campaigns that can increase your revenue. While the upfront costs may be a little high, the ROI is well worth it.

You can use the analytical data you collect from each customer to personalize and strengthen their experience with your brand. There’s a lot of value in creating personalized experiences because each person will get something completely different out of their interactions with your digital signage.

Consumer analytics give you the advantage of being able to predict the purchasing patterns of your customers, which means you can effectively adjust your marketing strategies as their habits evolve over time.

Incorporate More Social Media

Social media is a great customer outreach and participation tool. Through your digital signage and mobile advertising campaigns, you can encourage customers to connect with you on your social media accounts. As an added incentive, you can offer the chance to win a desirable grand prize or special promotions if they follow you on social media and encourage their friends to do the same.

You can also encourage consumers to create social media posts in real-time and post them to your accounts, so that more people can see them on the digital displays you have set up. People love seeing their own names and comments up on a big screen in public. By allowing people to create social media posts and connect with your brand directly from their smartphones, you can make them feel like they’re a part of something much bigger than themselves. Companies of all sizes have successfully used similar social media campaigns and created their own unique hashtags to get as many people involved as possible.

Manage a Smart Interactive Campaign

Smart interactive campaigns are mutually beneficial to consumers and brands in that they establish a direct line of communication. Additionally, brand and advertising campaign managers can also remotely access their analytical data and advertising campaign accounts from their smartphones and make necessary adjustments as needed.

This level of convenience allows advertisers to respond to customer feedback, social media comments, emails, and other forms of digital communication quickly and in real-time. Customers will appreciate these quick responses and meaningful interactions, keeping them in mind in the future. More importantly, you can also keep track of your digital interactions with your customers and store them for future references using various secure digital platforms such as your work email or a cloud-based system.

Enhance Your Brand Story-Telling Capabilities

Every brand has an important story to tell and message to deliver. You should never have to miss out on an opportunity to regale your customers with your brand story. Whether it’s how you started your company or how certain ideas were born, it’s important for your customers to know a little bit about where you came from—your origin story, if you will. This form of marketing takes the sales pitch out of the advertising and makes for a much more impactful and relatable connection with your individual customers.

Integrating mobile device and digital signage technological connectivity gives your customers the ability to learn more about your company on their own time at their convenience.

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