Why Digital Signage Is Essential during COVID-19

commercial monitorsOver the past year and a half, one topic that has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds in one capacity or another is COVID-19. Many businesses have suffered tremendous economic loss due to the economic downturn caused by on and off again lockdowns. To recuperate some of those losses and continue drawing customers in, businesses have had to get a little creative with their marketing techniques.

Incorporating digital signage into your business model during COVID-19 is a smart move that can help your business stay competitive and relevant during these difficult times and as society comes face to face with the new normal.

Digital Signage Is an Indispensable Tool during the Pandemic

Digital signage has always been an indispensable media and marketing tool that could be used to increase target audience outreach, build up brand recognition, and spread important brand messaging on a convenient and manageable series of platforms. We’re living in an age where information spreads at the speed of light. With that great power comes the responsibility to ensure that the information being presented is completely accurate at all times. The prospect of fake news and misinformation has been prevalent over the past few years. Through the use of commercial monitors and industrial LCD displays, you can control the narrative surrounding your brand’s story and the role your organization has to play.

How Digital Signage Can Revolutionize the Spread of Information in the New Normal

Digital signage is a growing and ever-evolving medium that can be used to safely provide information to the general public regarding COVID-19 and other business updates. Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating state-of-the-art digital signage displays in your marketing strategy, if you haven’t already.

Share Important Information from Government Agencies

Municipal and federal government agencies have been working hard to provide up-to-the-minute accurate information regarding COVID-19 updates. As a business in the public eye, it’s your responsibility to aid in spreading information that could potentially inform and protect your employees and clientele.

Educate Customers and Employees

 Moreover, you can use digital signage and displays to educate your customers and employees about the latest health, safety, and sanitation protocols your organization has in place to ensure their well-being. This will give customers more peace of mind and encourage them to support your business.

Broadcast Information, Updates, and Alerts in Hospitals

As the pandemic continues, hospitals have become overrun with COVID-19 cases. It’s important to keep the public informed as much as possible with the latest developments in terms of required health and safety measures, vaccine availability, and hospital and medical center protocols. In addition to keeping people informed, digital signage in doctor’s offices and medical facilities also provide a source of entertainment as people wait for their appointments. Digital displays can also be remotely updated as new information and data becomes available.

Restaurants Can Share Contactless Digital Menus

Another benefit of digital signage is that it allows restaurants to encourage and enforce some physical distancing through the use of limited contact/contactless digital menus. Restaurants can install digital menu boards that allow customers to read through all menu items from a distance. Alternatively, restaurants can create unique QR codes that allow customers to digitally download the menus directly onto their phones without having to physically touch the device.

LCD Displays and Commercial Monitors in Department Store

Digital signage and content has played a pivotal role in the survival of the retail industry during the pandemic. Retailers have been striving to comply with basic health and safety guidelines that include enforcing physical distancing protocols, providing hand sanitizer, and asking customers to wear masks while shopping. LCD displays are crucial to the success of these efforts because they continually update customers and employees alike about the latest COVID-19 information by presenting local data, protocols, and store capacities.

Display Updates in Bus and Train Stations

Throughout the pandemic, public transit has been deemed an essential service. Part of the commitment to promoting safe travels and commuting for essential workers is to provide the public with up-to-the-minute transit route updates. This helps ensure that travellers are able to maintain a steady schedule, physically distance while using public transit, and it gives them peace of mind that their health and safety is taken into account.

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