6 Reasons to Invest in Commercial-Grade Screens for Your Business

The average consumer probably doesn’t know the difference between consumer and commercial-grade screens because it’s not something have to think about when purchasing a TV for home use. Though consumer-grade products are far more affordable and, for the most part good quality, they simply don’t have the internal and external hardware to handle the same type of working pressure and elements that commercial-grade screens can.

That’s why it would be a mistake to go the slightly cheaper route when it comes to purchasing appropriate screens for your business. Here are six important reasons why commercial displays are a worthy investment for your business.

Product Warranties

Consumer-grade screens typically only come with a one-year product warranty and give customers the option of purchasing an additional extended warranty. Commercial-grade screens, on the other hand, come with a standard minimal three-year warranty that covers all hardware and software defects. This is important because commercial displays are designed to withstand far more wear and tear from regular daily usage than their consumer-grade counterparts.

Hours Upon Hours of Operation

Whether you own a small business or are the CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, the types of displays you choose for your business are of the utmost importance. Public places like airports, train stations, bus depots, fast food restaurants, and retail stores all rely on durable commercial displays and equipment. Oftentimes, these devices are expected to operate under extremely high impact situations for long hours. The transportation industry relies on high quality displays to keep their customers informed of departure times, arrival times, delays, and cancellations. This means that these devices are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and need to be able to keep up with that demand.

Initial Cost vs. Operational Cost

While it’s true that the upfront costs of installing commercial-grade displays is exponentially higher than that of consumer-grade products, the former is also expected to last much longer than the latter while withstanding all kinds of environmental and usage conditions. With that in mind, the low operational cost and minimal need for repairs or replacements makes installing commercial-grade screens more worthwhile.

Display Security Features

Commercial-grade devices have strong security features in place that make them virtually impenetrable even to the most experienced hackers. These security features also make it impossible for public interference to change any of the settings or data that’s displayed on the screen.

Purpose and Usage

Since these devices are specifically designed and constructed to be used in public spaces, it’s crucial that they’re built to be strong and durable. They should also be compatible with the latest technological software and hardware advancements as well as being future-proof to reduce the number of replacements and updates that need to be made.

Product Lifespan

Higher quality materials are used to construct commercial-grade screens, which inherently extends the lifespan of the product. Most of these screens are expected to endure endless usage, typically around 12-15 hour days or longer. For that reason, these products are built to meet those demands.

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