Why You Need Digital Signage for Transit

Major technological advancements in the travel industry have made it possible for eager tourists to easily and conveniently plan their trips according to weather conditions, technical delays, distance, as well as overcrowded train stations and airports. While most of these updates are typically available via enhanced mobile apps, sometimes these apps aren’t immediately updated or travelers might have limited Wi-Fi access. Discovering last minute and unexpected changes or delays can make for some very negative travelling experiences and hostile travellers. Digital signage for transit provides a much-needed solution that immediately informs travellers of any potential delays they may experience and can help reduce stress, confusion, and frustration with up-to-the-minute alerts regarding the status of delays and other interruptions.

Accurate Information Displays

Nobody enjoys waiting in line for long periods of time, especially if they’ve just arrived at the airport or train station to commence a long-awaited and highly anticipated vacation. Strategically placing digital signage at the starting and midpoints of long lineups in bus stations, train stations, and airports makes it easy for travellers to determine how long it’ll take them to get to their destination. They might not always be happy with the length of the wait time, but at least they won’t be left in the dark about how long it’ll be since digital signs can be automatically updated as need be.

Enhanced Travel Experience

Knowing exactly what your estimated time of arrival is can help ease your anxieties about travelling and even enhance the experience altogether. Generally speaking, travellers don’t like waiting around the airport without knowing what they’re waiting for or how long their mode of transportation (flight, ride service, or shuttle bus) will take. Digital signs enable travellers to take full control of the circumstances of their trip. If they can anticipate a longer than usual wait time due to an emergency, weather delay, or other situations, at least they can plan ahead rather than waiting around aimlessly.

Improve Operations

Aside from providing valuable updates regarding travel times, weather conditions, and information about technical problems, digital signage also has the added advantage of vastly improving the way facilities operate. Most of these machines are touchscreen operated, which means passengers can easily purchase tickets and find directions as needed if they can’t find an associate or station attendant to assist them. Additionally, these machines are also helpful for airport and train station staff because they help lighten their load when it comes to assisting customers.

Alternate Route Suggestions

In light of the fact that pretty much anything can happen at any point throughout your travels, it’s important that GPS-enabled digital signage also be equipped with the capability of providing alternate route suggestions that’ll guarantee passengers can safely and quickly reach their desired destinations. Recent advancements in this field have made this possible.

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