6 Uses for Digital Signage in the Human Resources Industry

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Digital signage is an instrumental technological tool that companies can use to help improve a wide range of their activities. From communicating vital information to employees to updating customers on upcoming promotions to advertising job openings and so much more, digital displays have become ingrained in pretty much every aspect of how we do business. Human Resources, in particular, can greatly benefit from successfully incorporating digital displays in their everyday usage to help improve their departmental operations.

Here are six ways that Human Resources departments can use digital signage to help increase company morale through more effective communication.

Establish a More Cohesive Company Culture

Aside from hiring new employees and helping them get settled in their new work environment, human resources specialists are also responsible for listening to and understanding the needs of their workers. Keeping the lines of communication between upper management and lower-level employees wide open is a great way to establish greater mutual trust and improve company morale in the process. Not only will employees feel more connected to their coworkers and managers, but they’ll also feel more valued by the company.

Using digital signage to make special announcements keeps everyone in the loop equally while also saving the company a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on constantly producing handwritten notes (which are unprofessional) or static signs (which can be costly to replace on a regular basis).

Advertising Job Openings

Exhibiting job postings on digital displays that are strategically and conveniently located throughout your company premises is a great way to advertise new job postings, especially if you’re looking to hire internally before accepting external applications. Alerting existing employees to newly vacant positions is also a great way to boost employee and company morale because it gives valued employees a chance to progress within the company. Opportunities for upward mobility are highly revered in most industries where people are determined to build strong careers rather than simply work a dead-end job.

Human Resources departments can also use digital displays to ask for employee referrals, which have been proven to render high-quality candidate applications. Most employees aren’t willing to risk putting their professional reputations on the line for potential candidates that aren’t worthwhile, so you can typically trust the judgement of the people who already work for you.

Display Company and Industry Safety Standards

Safety standards education and training is an ongoing endeavour for every small or major corporation. But it can be expensive to constantly update and maintain comprehensive safety standards from printing new brochures and other materials to providing your employees with the most up-to-date information. Displaying company and industry safety standards on digital signage that’s easily accessible at their workstations is by far the most effective and cost-efficient way to go about it.

Digital displays can easily be updated as new information becomes available and you won’t have to hire someone to manually change out safety procedural signs or provide training sessions. Your employees can refer to the digital displays to find all of the pertinent safety information they require to aptly perform their jobs. If they have any further questions or concerns, you can include contact information at the bottom of the screen so they can ask the appropriate personnel.

This is especially important in loud and busy work environments where there are a lot of heavy machinery constantly operating and it can be hard or impossible for workers to hear safety announcements over the public announcement system.

Announce Awards and Accolades

Another great way to incorporate digital signage in your company culture with the intent of boosting employee morale is to announce awards and accolades. This can include companywide achievements such as hitting or surpassing sales goals or even personal employee accomplishments and recognitions like Employee of the Month awards. Recognizing employees for the hard work that they do can make them feel good about themselves and their future with the company. Aside from making a livable wage and having a comprehensive benefits package, employees want to feel valued and that the work they do matters. In some cases, seeing the achievements of coworkers prominently displayed throughout the workplace can even motivate other employees to work harder and be more productive to help the company meet its goals. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Keep Employees Informed about Health and Wellness Initiatives and Policy Updates

Sending out companywide e-mails or office memos every time there’s a policy change or health and wellness update can be time and cost-prohibitive, especially if you have more than one office location to consider. Modern digital signage systems allow you to automatically make and schedule announcements so that they’re all displayed at specific times. The best part is that everyone on the premises can have access to this new information without you having to manually input it every single time. Content can easily be changed as often as you need it to be with a multitude of applicable display options.

Improve Meeting Scheduling Protocols

The process of planning a large company or group meeting or conference can be quite stressful, but advertising the meeting time and place on a digital display for everyone to see can make it a lot easier. Unless the meeting only involves a select number of people, displaying the details of the meeting on a digital display ensures that everyone can see it. At the bottom of the display, you can even ask your employees to spread the word about the meeting to their coworkers in case anyone was off work that day and missed the announcement. Showcasing meeting times and locations on digital displays also lets people know when certain meeting rooms are occupied so they know not to book an event on that specific day.

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