Why You Should Invest in Rugged Electronic Displays for Your Business

rack mount monitor

It’s understandable that businesses want to cut costs wherever possible, but electronics shouldn’t be one of those areas. In fact, purchasing high-end rugged electronic displays and other high-caliber devices for your business is actually more of a long-term money saver than spending less money upfront on cheaper products. In fact, if you’re looking for cost-effective, reliable, and more worthwhile electronic options, then you should consider the following attributes of purchasing rugged digital signage and displays for your business.

Long Lifespans

The reality is that most electronics simply aren’t built to last more than two to three years. But, just like anything you purchase, you get what you pay for and more often than not, opting for the cheaper selection could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. From frequent repairs and replacements to troubleshooting and necessary tech support, cheaper electronics rack up a huge bill over time. Rugged electronic displays, on the other hand, require much less maintenance and can last for a long time, regardless of how they’re used and the type of environment in which they’re installed.

Low Power Mode and Low-Light Functionality Saves You Money 

Another way that rugged electronic displays can help save you money is through their low power modes and low-light functionality. By reducing the amount of energy your computers and displays use, your monthly electricity bills will be much lower. This positive impact on your business’s finances can help you allocate funds to other areas of your company such as paying your employees better wages, implementing necessary maintenance, or investing in promotional content and advertising for your business.

Rugged electronic displays can also help increase profits by boosting workplace productivity and efficiency since they’re usually less susceptible to system malfunctions and security breaches than their cheaper counterparts.

High IP-67/68 Ratings

IP ratings were initially introduced by the International Electronic Commission (IEC) as a means of determining how water, dust, and dirt resistant electronic devices are. IP ratings inform consumers of these capabilities and indicate whether a device is waterproof or resistant. IP stands for “ingress protection”—a term that indicates the level of protection provided by the device’s external casing. 

The digits that come after IP signify how physically compact and tightly bound the protective layer is to the internal mechanisms of the device. The first digit indicates the level of dust tightness, whereas the second digit indicates how waterproof or resistant the device is. Rugged electronic devices typically have an IP rating of about IP-67, IP-68, or higher which makes them the ideal choice for outdoor, retail, and warehouse environments.

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