What You Should Know about Sunlight-Readable LCD Displays ?

hammer series rugged displaySunlight readable LCD displays and screens are useful for a wide range of outdoor recreational, professional, and industrial applications. Rugged LCD displays are also suitable for high stakes military and marines operations. These state-of-the-art devices feature durable chasses along with enhanced screen visibility and readability in all natural or ambient lighting conditions. Standard screen displays that lack a sunlight readability feature can be difficult to read in extremely bright lighting conditions. Shadows and reflections cast on the screen block out the images and text, which diminishes the viewing experience and usability. Read on to learn about why sunlight readable LCD screens are the superior choice for virtually every outdoor application.

What Are TFT Rugged LCD Displays?

TFT and LCD stand for thin-film-transistor and liquid crystal diode, respectively. Every screen consists of an LCD panel that has multiple layers. These layers work together to illuminate the screen and present specific images and actions that are performed by the user.

Right now, you’re staring at an LCD panel, reading this article. Inside the LCD panel are numerous TFT LCD colour pixels that are each made of a red, green, and blue rectangle. These are miniature lenses that can be adjusted in size and clarity based on the amount of light that passes through them. Colour intensity on the screen can be magnified or minimized based on the quality and strength of the backlighting mechanism. Backlighting is composed of a series of LEDs (light emitting diodes) that produce a white light which is projected through the LCD pixels to display images on the screen.

What Makes a Display Sunlight Readable?

Sufficient backlighting is the main component that gives commercial and industrial LED displays their sunlight readable capabilities. As long as the backlighting LEDs produce more bright light than the natural or environmental setting, then the images and texts on the screen will be viewable. Brightness settings can be manually and automatically adjusted on sunlight readable screens to make them fully visible and usable in both indoor and outdoor settings and a range of lighting conditions.

Are Sunlight Readable Displays Dimmable at Night?

Yes, most modern sunlight readable displays are dimmable in darker lighting conditions to improve visibility and usability. Dimming the screen at night or in dark environments also helps preserve and extend the lifecycle of the backlighting mechanism. Many newer modules are even equipped with automatic dimming capabilities that are programmed to adjust to current lighting conditions.

What Type of Applications Are Sunlight Readable Displays Used for?

Sunlight readable displays are suitable for pretty much any indoor or outdoor applications and environments that are exposed to excessive natural or ambient lighting conditions. They’re typically used for laptops, smartphones, tablets, POS systems, digital displays, and industrial equipment to make for easy screen visibility for all uses. 

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