Guide for Buying Rugged Industrial Monitors and Displays

night vision displaysRugged LCD displays and monitors need to be able to withstand a wide range of internal and external contacts that vary in intensity. Due to the various harsh conditions that these devices are subjected to on a regular basis, they should be equipped with a variety of protective and performance-enhancing physical features that guarantee their continued functionality even when faced with rough conditions and usage. Read this guide for some useful tips on what features to look for when selecting a rugged LCD touchscreen monitor for specific industrial applications.

Why Choose Rugged Displays and Monitors in the First Place?

The types of LCD displays you purchase depend largely on the nature of the applications for which you’re planning on using them. Rugged LCD displays have unique features that make them the most suitable and logical choice for usage in extreme environmental conditions. Extreme environmental conditions don’t necessarily mean outdoor usage—although, that’s certainly included.

They can include dangerous or life-threatening situations during which the displays will be exposed to direct or indirect shock, vibrations, harsh usage, and extremely low or high temperature fluctuations. Industrial display monitors are specifically designed to function in these types of conditions without interruption, even when they sustain a few minor damages.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Rugged LCD Monitors and Displays

Sunlight Readability

Sunlight readability is an essential feature for any industrial display monitor or rugged touchscreen because it allows the screen to be perfectly visible in all lighting conditions. Many screens even have built-in features that automatically adapt the brightness levels based on the natural or lighting conditions. 

Outdoor Usability

Industrial rugged Marine displays are typically designed with “all-weather” capabilities that make them resistant and impervious to a variety of environmental conditions that are beyond the control of the user. Extended operational temperature ranges, dimmable capabilities, optically bonded glass, and capacitive or resistive touchscreen options are all available to meet various application requirements.

Adaptable Screen Capabilities

Screen adaptability can make a big difference when completing particularly risky or dangerous missions. Manufacturers typically offer a wide range of customization options to make optimal usability more accessible for users of all technological and physical capacities. Adaptable industrial screens, monitors, and displays are crucial for aiding in the successful completion of a mission or task by providing flexible visibility, angles, and usage options.

Advanced Touchscreen Capabilities

Given the fact that Marines are usually wearing protective tactical gear that sometimes include heavy-duty gloves, it’s important to have options in terms of the type of touchscreen capabilities that are featured in their industrial display monitors. Resistive touchscreens are the ideal choice for this type of environment because they allow the user to wear gloves while operating the display. 

Screen Hardening

As mentioned, industrial display monitors are frequently subjected to harsh weather conditions, including extreme cold and heat. Cold temperatures can cause the external chassis and other hardware to harden. Under these conditions, commercial monitors would show advanced signs of wear and tear or start to crack. Industrial displays, however, are perfectly capable of withstanding these extreme conditions without so much as suffering a hairline fracture. 


Considering the harsh conditions that rugged Marine displays are constantly exposed to, manufacturers and distributors usually offer extensive warranty options that go well beyond the typical manufacturer’s defect warranties. 

Get Rugged LCD Touchscreen Displays from a Trusted Distributor

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