Applications of Industrial Rugged Touchscreen Monitors

Rugged industrial touchscreen monitors are typically underrated and underappreciated in most workplaces considering the expansive scope of their capabilities to transcend multiple barriers in a variety of industries. Almost every business sector in the world has used industrial touchscreen displays and computers in one capacity or another in spite of the fact that many of the advancements and innovations of this type of technology has stemmed from military- and marine-based necessities. Below is a list of some of the industries that have experienced substantial improvements in efficiency and profitability because of rugged touchscreen monitors and PCs.

Digital Signage

Commercial-grade monitors can be used in a variety of environments that require digital signage. Every time you walk into a fast food restaurant and read through the menu about the ordering counter, you are looking at a high-quality programmable screen that is set to automatically showcase different menu items both verbally and pictorially. Rugged touchscreen monitors are also often used in retail settings to inform customers of upcoming or ongoing sales and promotions. These forms of digital signage are sturdily built and meant to endure various kinds of physical mistreatment with the understanding that they will come into contact with all kinds of different people.

Food and Beverages

On that note, industrial, panel-mount monitors have also proven to be very useful within the various sectors of the entertainment industry. They are commonplace fixtures within movie theatre concession stand checkout stations where they are forced to withstand inevitable beverage and food spillages. Casinos and hotels also benefit from their waterproof and stain-resistant capabilities, especially at the bar-top gaming sections where patrons have a tendency to forget themselves and get a little sloppy. For the same reason, theme park outdoor vendors also benefit from installing rugged touchscreen PCs as point of sale mechanisms.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Purposes

The medical and pharmaceutical industries have also greatly benefited from the implementation of industrial touchscreen PCs in numerous significant ways. To begin with, it has helped to efficiently and substantially improve patient care and swift registration and admittance into healthcare facilities. Hospitals and healthcare clinics have been ardently working towards significantly reducing patient wait times and better prioritizing severe cases by identifying them and admitting them more swiftly. Outpatients and inpatients now have the ability to fill out their admittance forms more accurately and efficiently and have the information be directly documented into the healthcare clinic’s database without the chance of their information being leaked or released into the wrong hands.

All staff is held accountable for the information they come across because new technology being used by some clinics and hospitals requires fingerprint ID from staff. Industrial touchscreen monitors have also helped to revolutionize the way medication is tracked and dispensed in the pharmaceutical industry by allowing for more accuracy in terms of dosages and patient information with fast retrieval methods.

Automotive and Aerospace Transportation

In recent years, the automotive and aerospace transportation industries have shifted their focus from entertainment systems in vehicles and aircrafts to enhancing the dashboard technology and taking it to greater levels. Vehicles that have been produced within the past few years come equipped with some remarkable rugged touchscreen monitors that incorporate the use of GPS signals, Serius XS radio, and even have cameras at each end of the vehicle to help improve operation. Soon, driverless capabilities will also be implemented in mass produced vehicles and aircrafts. It is safe to say that the Wright brothers most likely never imagined just how far their invention would take humanity. Many industrial touchscreen displays in the transportation industry are waterproof and weatherproof, have sunlight readability to prevent glares, and they have multiple inputs so that users can connect as many devices as they please.

Energy and Utility Field Services

Due to the mental and physical high-stress nature of energy and utility jobs, rugged touchscreen monitors provide resourceful methods of completing each task safely and within specified timeframes. They help to reduce the risks of physical harm to workers and have a series of applications that substantially improve outside working conditions. A few of the useful applications include: delivery route optimization, service and payment traceability, work order management, asset management, dispatch services, tracking shipping and receiving in warehouses, telecommunications, home repairs, resource optimization, asset management, as well as industrial equipment maintenance. All of these applications have vastly improved the working lives of field workers along with the fact that modern-day rugged industrial touchscreen monitors can be used with all kinds of trade-related gloves and rough working conditions.


Believe it or not, most of the abovementioned features can also be relevant to the broadcasting industry because journalists are often sent to report in areas of civil unrest or where massive inclement weather patterns are prevalent. Even in this line of work, it is absolutely imperative to have electronic equipment and industrial touchscreen displays and monitors that can survive the worst kinds of weather and even political circumstances. Reporters can sometimes find themselves in the middle of the action when covering a story and the last thing they can afford to have is electronic equipment that cannot survive harsh conditions. The right technology can make all the difference in keeping them safe and maintaining contact with their studios if something does go horribly wrong while also keeping their audiences well informed of the situation.

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