Digital Menu Boards for Drive-Thrus

Digital Menu BoardsWhen it comes to using commercial monitors and displays, the restaurant business is one of the leading industries.

For restaurants and fast-food businesses, displays and monitors are used as digital menu boards to promote food, drinks, and other menu options. These menu boards can also allow customers to select options themselves using a touchscreen. While many stores are now using these displays indoors, they are extremely common and almost a necessity for restaurants with drive-thrus.

With any fast-food chain that has a drive-thru, using outdoor digital menu boards is critical, for obvious reasons. Customers need to be able to place orders. However, there are many other overlooked advantages to using these displays.

Rising Trend of Digital Menu Boards in Commercial Industries

In the restaurant industry, traditional signage has given way to digital displays and monitors.
While menus and signs constantly have to be updated and redone, digital displays can be changed quickly whenever the need arises. Not only do these displays enhance the look and branding of commercial interiors (presenting a sleeker, more professional look), they also provide greater service to customers (particularly with sliding screens, which can display more menu options).

For these reasons, digital displays are now commonly used in most of the largest fast-food chains, inside the store and over countertops. However, it is in drive-thrus where the bulk of digital monitors are being used.

With many fast-food chains determining ways to increase convenience and customer service, drive-thrus are one of the most common options. With a drive-thru, restaurants can serve more customers in a shorter amount of time, particularly in areas where there is a high volume of drivers or parking space is limited. In drive-thrus, digital signage offers many advantages for the business.

Benefits of Installing Digital Menu Boards

There are a lot of benefits to using outdoor digital menu boards for restaurants, many of which are often overlooked by business owners.

Easy Menu Changes

With a digital menu, changes can easily be made in a manner of minutes. There’s no need to replace signage or make extensive alterations. Menu changes can be done as often as necessary.

Increase Revenue with Upselling and Cross-Selling

Digital menus offer opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. Digital menus can display options based on what’s entered into the point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing for targeted upselling and cross-selling to customers. This can be used to increase revenue greatly.

Remotely Update Menu

Updating a digital menu is incredibly easy. It can be done remotely over the Internet, and some of these displays can also be programmed to change or transition depending on variables like the time of day (for instance, switching from a lunch menu to a dinner menu at 5:00 p.m.).

Enhances the Customer’s Experience

Digital menus have greater versatility and functionality, which translates to a better customer experience. These menus can display more options, allow customers to interact with displays, and can even include videos, high-quality images, and graphics.

Display Emergency Messaging

Digital menu boards can be made to display any type of message that a business owner wants. In the event of emergencies, warnings, Amber Alerts, and other emergency information can be displayed on the screens. Business owners can also display non-emergency messages, such as a notice that a menu item is out of stock.

Eliminate Recurring Costs

With digital signage, there is no more need for constantly creating, printing, shipping, and attaching new signs, menus, or displays. Since digital menus can be repeatedly updated, they can save businesses a lot of money in the long run.

Why Use Our Commercial Displays for Digital Menu Boards?

When choosing a display for your restaurant’s drive-thru, there are several key capabilities and features that you should look for. At Nauticomp Inc., our commercial displays have the following criteria.

Waterproof Touchscreen Commercial Display

With outdoor displays, it’s important to ensure that they are waterproof and will not be damaged by weather conditions. Nauticomp Inc. offers commercial touchscreen displays that are waterproof and IP 67/68 sealed.

Sunlight-Readable Screen

Outdoor displays need to be sunlight-readable to ensure that they can be used by customers in daylight. Nauticomp Inc.’s displays have sunlight-readable capabilities and feature optically bonded glass and LED backlighting to ensure enhanced visibility.

All-Weather Commercial LCD Display

Outdoor displays have to be able to withstand weather extremes. Along with being sealed (against water, dust, dirt, and contaminants), they need a rugged chassis that can withstand environmental conditions.

Multiple Inputs for Better Connectivity

A good outdoor display features multiple inputs, ensuring that it can be used by any restaurant and in any location. Nauticomp Inc.’s displays feature multiple inputs, allowing for greater use and flexibility.

Do you need a display for a commercial application? Nauticomp Inc. is an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition as an innovative industry leader. We are dedicated to providing high-performance displays that are at the forefront of leading-edge display technology. Contact us at 1-705-328-2992 for Canadian service and at 1-800-267-9491 for U.S. service.