Are IPS Monitors Good for Gaming?

IPS Displays for Gaming

Technology aficionados and gamers alike have no shortage of advanced LCD monitors to choose from when it comes to superior sound and visual quality. For many years, TN and VA monitors dominated the gaming industry, but now there’s a new sheriff in town: IPS displays. IPS display technology boasts bigger, better, and brighter colour contrast, visual and sound quality, and more robust viewing angles among other attributes than its predecessors. Modern games require an LCD display that can keep up with their advanced components to keep gamers satisfied.

Here are the most common pros and cons of IPS displays.

Pro: Faster Response Times

One of the biggest advantages of IPS LCD panels is that they boast incredibly fast response times with limited to no lagging. When you’re in the throes of moving through a virtual multiplayer shooter or adventure game, fast response times are incredibly important to completing your objectives. Currently, IPS screens clock in at 4ms as opposed to the formerly impressive 8ms. Shaving 4 seconds off the response time may not seem that impressive to the average person, but to amateur and professional gamers it makes a big difference in the gaming experience.

Con: Some Backlight Bleeding

IPS LCD monitors are notorious for what’s known as exhibiting the “IPS glow”, otherwise known as backlight bleeding. Backlight bleeding occurs when the light source from the back of the screen leaks around the edges, creating an uneven brightness effect. Unfortunately, there’s no way to repair this issue. Although the screen can still be used and function normally otherwise, it can be a little bit off-putting or distracting for serious gamers. 

The good news is that backlight bleeding is the only commonly known flaw that plagues IPS displays.

Pro: Extensive Cost-Efficiency

The demand for higher quality gaming equipment has increased IPS display production lines, forcing manufacturers to find more cost-effective solutions to produce these types of monitors. As a result, IPS monitors are incredibly affordable for many consumers compared to other gaming screens currently on the market.

Pro: Quality Images with a High Colour Gamut

Contemporary gaming demands the utmost image quality, brightness range, and colour contrast for a better gaming experience and output. Despite a few minor kinks like backlight bleeding issues, the majority of IPS display technology is capable of exhibiting superiorly vivid colours of which other screens aren’t capable. Gamers can enjoy consistently bright onscreen colour and visual clarity without overwhelming motion blur as they move through their game of choice.

IPS LCD monitors also have 178/178 degrees of brightness on both horizontal and vertical axes for the most optimal visual trajectories. 

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