Benefits of Choosing Outdoor LCD Monitors over Indoor Screens

Outdoor LCD monitors are an ever-growing and effective technological means for major brands to increase their awareness, key messaging, and reach a larger demographic than ever before. These digital signs are capable of withstanding the most detrimental weather conditions; they’re sunlight readable; extremely versatile; and they’re equipped with high brightness capacity to contend with all levels of natural and artificial lighting. On top of that, installing an LCD monitor that’s specifically designed and constructed for outdoor use can end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run while also increasing your bottom line.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of LCD monitors for outdoor use.

High Brightness Capacity

Indoor LCD monitors simply don’t have the same brightness capabilities as outdoor displays because they don’t have to contend with the same harsh elements such as heavy rain, snow, dust, dirt, or bright sunlight. Conventional displays are often placed and used in controlled settings in which the temperatures and lighting are artificially implemented, whereas outdoor displays are more durable and can adjust to various natural lighting movements. They have a much higher brightness scale and can adjust according to the natural movements of the sun and other elements. You also have the option of manually controlling the brightness level if you choose.

Water, Dust, and Weatherproof

Since outdoor LCD displays are far more likely to be exposed to inclement weather conditions, traffic, the general public, and natural elements, they need to be durably constructed with only top quality materials. The chassis is arguably the most important external factor that determines the longevity of the display. It needs to be able to prevent dust particles, moisture, and debris from permeating the surface and then building up inside of the device. All outdoor displays are engineered with these scenarios in mind, which means they’re built to overcome pretty much anything the external world has to throw at them.

Sunlight Readability and Anti-Reflective Coating

Much like the importance of the high brightness capacity feature, outdoor displays must also be equipped with exceptional sunlight readability and anti-reflective coating to improve visibility of the information displayed on screen. Keep in mind that a lot of the passersby who will be viewing your outdoor signage will either be driving in their cars, on their bikes, or walking down the street. They don’t have a great deal of time to stop and stare at your screen in an attempt to read what it says. Also, it’s been proven that if people on-the-go aren’t able to make out what a sign says within a few seconds, they automatically lose interest. Make sure your advertising is clear and concise to prevent this from happening.


Finally, outdoor LCD monitors boast a wide range of versatility because they can easily be transported from one location to another and depending on the setting, they can also be useful indoors. For instance, if you want to set up advertising inside a mall that has large skylights to let in a lot of natural lighting, then an outdoor display is your best option.

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