Interactive Multi-Touch Tables for Your Restaurant

Modern technology has already managed to infiltrate and take over almost every aspect of our daily lives including the ways in which we communicate and interact with one another. The food and hospitality industry are no exception. In fact, they’ve taken this notion one step further with the development of multi-touch interactive tables at various locations. While this technology hasn’t completely caught on just yet, with only a few businesses across the globe having adopted it, there’s certainly the potential for massive expansion within the service industry. Restaurants and cafes that are interested in offering their patrons a unique dining experience that’s certain to redefine future norms can use this innovative technology to their advantage.

Millennials and subsequent generations—particularly those whose eyes are perpetually glued to their mobile devices—will be most impressed with the addition of touchscreen displays to their dining experiences.

Interactive Touch Tables for Restaurants

Interactive touch tables may sound like some distant futuristic invention from The Jetsons that has yet to come into fruition, but they may actually be a lot more accessible than you think. With the immeasurable level of added convenience and improved customer experience, you can pretty much guarantee that an increasing number of chain and one-off restaurants will soon adopt this technology.

Customers can browse a digital menu and order whatever items they want whenever they want throughout their dining experience without having to wait for their server to return to their table to check up on them. In fact, the only interaction they’ll have with the server is when their order is being delivered to their table or if they require assistance with the ordering process.

Multi-touch interactive tables are also equipped with a variety of apps that include social media, web browsing capabilities, and even games that people are most likely to download on their mobile devices and tablets. They seat anywhere from two to four customers and they’re connected to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi network so you won’t have to worry about using up your data. Diners can browse through the menu at their own leisure and easily modify their orders.  They can even make secure debit or credit card payments without having to leave the table.

Restaurants that are already partaking in this new and innovative practice have more than simply saved a great deal of money, they’ve also significantly cut back on their overhead costs and can hire fewer servers and staff members since they’re no longer needed to interact with customers and take orders.

All orders are automatically recorded and sent directly to the kitchen from the table. This is the equivalent of multi-touch ordering kiosks that are popping up at international major fast food locations. Restaurant owners can completely eliminate the need for paper menus, which makes updating food lists a lot easier. Rather than having to purchase and print new menus, you can simply go into your main computer database and manually make the changes or schedule them to be implemented at a later date.

Technology and Hardware

Multi-touch interactive tables are constructed with numerous layers that contribute to their state-of-the-art capabilities. As a result, they’re also referred to as “smart” tables because they have the same abilities as smartphones. The surface is made with a durable diamond glass surface that has the capacity to withstand all kinds of rough usage that’s common in restaurants.

Direct contact with liquids, food spillage, pressure from pressing too hard on the table, the weight of numerous plates and utensils, as well as being bumped into are all no match for this device.

It can also distinguish the subtle differences between finger interactions and contact with various objects such as glasses, plates, and utensils. The touchscreen is sensitive enough to render quick responses to intentional touches and smart enough to recognize unintentional touches, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ordering a menu item you don’t actually want. The margin of error on these devices is extremely reasonable and it can immediately determine when you intentionally push certain buttons.

Multi-touch capabilities also mean that multiple orders can be placed at precisely the same time and their orders will be prepared and delivered within a reasonable timeframe to the correct patron.

Features of Interactive Tables

Interactive tables boast all of the following groundbreaking features that can help propel your restaurant into rarely chartered territory:

  • Ultra-high 4k screen resolution for crisp and clear image display that improves visibility
  • In-depth sensors that recognize hand touches versus contact with inanimate objects
  • Multi-touch capabilities to allow multiple users to place orders at the same time
  • Durable multi-layered diamond glass that provides exceptional layers of protection against potential damages
  • Object recognition that distinguishes the size, shape, and weight of various objects that are placed on the surface of the table

Benefits of Interactive Multi-Touch Tables for the Restaurant Industry

Multi-touch tables are incredibly cost-effective mechanisms because they allow you to cut back on the additional costs of running a restaurant. For instance, you can reduce your wait staff significantly because you won’t need as many bodies on the main floor taking orders. As mentioned, you can also completely eradicate your use of paper menus, which can become damaged or outdated every time you decide to advertise new promotions or add new items to the menu.

Instead, you can easily update your menu as often as you want by simply making digital changes that customers can instantly access at their table.

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