Benefits of Industrial Touchscreen Displays in Food Processing Industry

Industrial Touchscreen DisplaysIndustrial touchscreen monitors are a popular choice for use in the food processing industry. More than half of U.S. companies now employ touch user interfaces. With industrial touchscreen technology, companies have a greater degree of precision, control, and usability over digital interfaces.

Food processing is an industry that faces many unique challenges. Over the past 50 years, there have been many advancements in the food processing industry. Automation can now be used to control processes and handle more complex tasks, but this means that trained personnel also have to be able to interact with these machines. Graphic interfaces make this possible, but traditional display technology presents challenges of its own.

Rugged Touchscreen in Food Processing

In the food processing industry, there are key differences and challenges with other industries. For one, food processing has to adhere to strict hygiene standards and regulations. Contamination is an issue that is of concern with food processing, so food needs to be handled properly by personnel and kept free of contamination.

However, the opposite problem is also an issue. Gear and machinery used in food processing need to be able to withstand harsh conditions and use. Oil, particles, and contaminants from food processing can dirty, impair, or even damage equipment. Furthermore, gear can be exposed to harsh conditions that can cause damage, such as extreme temperatures, water or chemicals, harsh use, dust, and heavy impact (from knives, metal equipment, etc.).

Standard displays and monitors used in food processing are easily damaged by any of these factors. Damaged displays will impair the operations of your plant, create safety hazards, require regular repair, and cause costly mistakes.

Using a rugged touchscreen display is essential in the food processing industry. These touchscreens are designed and engineered to withstand harsh conditions and provide accurate use for high-level applications in food processing, manufacturing, construction, and other industrial applications.

Advantages of Industrial Touchscreen Technology in Food Processing Industry

There are several advantages of industrial touchscreen technology when used in the food processing industry. For starters, touchscreen technology allows for greater usability and precision with high-level tasks and operations. Touchscreen graphic interfaces also make it easier for personnel to interact with and control machinery and devices. In addition, a touch interface design allows for greater precision and accuracy than possible with a keyboard or mouse and can be used more easily by personnel wearing gloves, gear, and/or goggles.

There are also more industrial applications of touchscreen technology due to their rugged builds and durability. Industrial touchscreen monitors can be designed to withstand harsh conditions that are routine in the food processing industry. This means extended operational temperature ranges, waterproof-sealed capabilities, low-light or sunlight-readable capability, and durable chassis that can resist punctures, breaks, and cracks.

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