Industrial LCD Monitors: Who Should Use Them and Why?

Industrial LCD MonitorsIn the military, marine industries, and commercial fields, industrial LCD monitors are a must-have for outdoor use.

Traditional displays typically don’t provide the performance or durability required for use in these environments. One of the largest issues with consumer displays and monitors is that they may not be able to withstand the extremes of temperature that are typical of outdoor environments. In hot temperatures, displays can overheat and crash, while cold temperatures can cause them to shut down or sustain damage.

High temperature LCD displays and monitors provide performance in extreme temperatures, allowing for reliable use in military, manufacturing, marine, commercial, and other high-level operations.

Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Display

Industrial PC monitors are built to have increased durability to endure harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, and physical use. With the addition of extended temperature ranges, these displays can ensure consistent and reliable use in extreme outdoor environments.

Traditional displays and monitors typically have a temperature range of anywhere from 0°C to 40 to 50°C. Use outside of that range, or even close to either extreme, can result in malfunctions, overheating, or even complete loss of use. This is not an option for military or industrial users, for whom a poorly functioning monitor can have serious consequences.

Rugged LCD displays feature extended temperature ranges from -20°C up to over 60°C, ensuring that they can provide full functionality outdoors.

Factors for Selecting Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Monitors

When selecting a rugged outdoor monitor with an extended temperature range, there are some factors that have to be considered.

  • Visual Display Requirements – Does the monitor provide quality visual display? Does it feature sunlight-readable technology and optically bonded glass, ensuring that it can be used in the daytime outdoors?
  • Power Consumption – Does the monitor have reduced power draw and power consumption?
  • Cost – Does the display fit within the required budget? Is a custom-built display needed? Note: a rugged display may cost more than a traditional display, but with an extended lifespan, it can provide more value for its cost.

Benefits of Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Monitors

There are many advantages to using rugged wide-temperature displays for military, marine, or industrial applications.

  • Increased DurabilityRugged displays are resistant to damage from temperature extremes, weather conditions, physical use, and dust/pollutants. Industrial displays are often waterproof (IP 67/68 sealed) and feature a rugged chassis that prevents damage.
  • Consistent, Reliable Use – With a rugged industrial display, high-level operations can be performed with the knowledge that the display will provide consistent use.
  • Improved PerformanceIndustrial displays feature capabilities and technology that provide the best performance, including reduced power draw, LED backlighting, sunlight-readable capability, deep-dimming potentiometers, and other functions that allow for greater use and accessibility.

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