Benefits of Sunlight Readable Marine Displays

Industrial sunlight readable monitors are the ideal solution for corporations, institutions, and organizations that require the majority of their operations to take place outdoors or in inclement weather conditions. These can include construction projects, mining companies, the oil industry, as well as marine, military, and naval operations. Basically any industry that involves workers spending indefinite amounts of time working outdoors and contending with bright sunlight or inclement weather conditions that may obstruct visibility can benefit from incorporating these types of durable displaces in their procedures. Keep reading to learn all about how sunlight readable marine displays can be especially useful in executing complex tasks while on the field.

Provides Clearer Visibility in Extremely Bright Conditions

LCD monitors that are specifically formulated for outdoor use by the Marine Corps could add an unprecedented level of safety and optimal functionality that commercial displays simply lack. These devices are built explicitly with the marine industry and other outdoor operations in mind and therefore they boast exclusive features that are meant to make those types of procedures more effective and easier. No matter how bright the sun is shining on a particular day, you should be able to clearly view all of the important data that’s on your LCD monitor without having to locate a shaded area. Custom sunlight readable monitors make that possible.

Increased Productivity for Your Crew

The sunlight readability feature also means that your crew can exponentially increase their overall productivity because they no longer have to strain or work harder to be able to decipher the information that’s being displayed on their rugged touchscreen devices. Unlike standard commercial displays, these devices are strongly optically bonded to reduce visual obstructions on the screen such as shadows, reflections, and glares. This makes them a lot easier to read and use in a variety of brightness conditions and also limits the amount of time it takes to interpret and input vital data, which means your crew can work faster and be more productive on the jobsite.

Easy Navigation and Other High-Level Tasks

Easy navigability is one of the most crucial aspects of life in the Marine Corps and that feature extends far beyond mapping out the easiest and safest routes to travel. Since time is of the essence during certain missions, your crew should be able to easily navigate and learn to use any new technological devices that are installed on the premises and this includes touchscreen displays. Monitors should be easy to comprehend and interpret as in some cases, your crewmembers may be expected to use them in less than ideal conditions.

Inexpensive and Long Lifespan

Marine displays typically don’t need to be replaced or repaired as often as standard commercial displays, which are usually less durable. On top of that, your crewmembers won’t have to spend as much time adjusting the brightness levels or other features on the screen, which means they can focus more time and energy on completing their daily tasks. Since these devices are constructed to withstand all kinds of working conditions, they have a fairly extensive lifespan and can last for at least 24-48 hours on a single charge. The price of using such devices usually varies depending on the custom features you choose for your purposes, but many industrial displays come with built-in sunlight readability.

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