Rack Mount Displays and Touchscreen Solutions for Logistics and Warehousing

Rack mount displays play an integral role in the logistics industry because they help organize product inventory in a warehouse setting and ensure that all of the products are put on display within a reasonably quick timeframe. Every company that requires inventory and bookkeeping should consider using rack mount touchscreen PCs as much as possible because they help maintain a steady flow for moving product.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Rack Mount Displays for Logistics

Here are a few key components to keep in mind when purchasing rack mount displays for your business.


One of the most important components about industrial touchscreen computers is that they are shockproof, which decreases some of the safety hazards of working in a warehouse. Faulty wiring can cause workers to electrocute themselves on the job, but with these touchscreen monitors, the risk of that happening is extremely minimal.

Multiple Inputs

Industrial touch screen computers are versatile because they are equipped with multiple imports which support a variety of operating systems. This is useful to all businesses that incorporate a logistics component because it gives them more options in terms of which operating systems are better suited for their industry.

Variable Mounting Options

Variable mounting options give the employees more versatility when setting up and using the touchscreen monitors according to their own individual needs. They can be lowered, placed higher up, or even moved side to side.

Variable Display Size

The display size depends on a few different factors. The first one has to do with the specific needs of your business and the second has to do with the size of the forklift being used. You want to make sure that your employees are comfortable with operating the rack mount touchscreen PC and that it fits comfortably within the machinery as well. That is why rack mount displays come in a variety of sizes based on your company’s specifications.

Sunlight Readability

Warehouse and outdoor working conditions are often unpredictable and can oftentimes be affected by the elements, the main one being extreme sunlight. It can cause a glare on the screen, making it very difficult to read. The solution to this common nuisance is to make the touchscreen monitors transflective so that they deflect sunlight.


This is along the same vein as the sunlight readability feature, except that it incorporates protection against all of the elements, including water, heat, and cold weather.


Industrial touchscreen computers can be customized according to the specific needs of your business. You simply have to let the supplier know what it is you are looking for within reason and they will make sure that you get exactly that. After all the whole point of using this type of technology is to improve your logistical business practices by making them easier to manage and increase efficiency.

Nauticomp Inc.’s Rack Mount Display Solutions

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