How Interactive LCD Touchscreen Displays Are Shaping the Future of Education for Students

Nauticomp IncAs technology continues to evolve, the education system and teaching methods used should accommodate those advancements. Gone are the days when students were forced to lug large, back-breaking textbooks with them from class to class. Nowadays, most students and teachers can take advantage of e-learning tools and downloadable teaching materials. Interactive LCD touchscreen displays also make it easier for teachers to create curriculum-based lesson plans and convey the information in an easily digestible manner for their students.

Why Schools Should Incorporate LCD Touchscreen Displays in the Classroom

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, parents and teachers can agree that there are a lot of pros and cons to virtual education. Depending on the age of the students, virtual classes can be either difficult or easy to implement. Younger students require constant parental supervision, which isn’t always feasible, whereas older students should be able to manage their own schoolwork and schedule for the most part.

Here are a few reasons schools should integrate LCD touchscreen displays in their teaching methods.

Experience Large Screen Displays

For those students that are still physically attending school, large screen displays like interactive thin film transistors (TFT) can be highly beneficial. The improved image quality, colour contrast, and clarity make it easier for students in the middle or towards the back of the class to see what’s on the board. This is ideal for physical distancing in the classroom.

Increase Student Engagement

Kids these days rely heavily on their technological devices—whether it’s their tablets, smartphones, laptops, or touchscreen displays—for a lot of things. Everything from entertainment to social media, video gaming, and schoolwork can be done on these devices.

Teachers have to constantly find creative ways to reach out to their students and boost engagement in the learning material. Utilizing state-of-the-art touchscreen displays in their teaching strategy is just another effective way of interacting with students on their terms.

It’s a Convenient Teaching Tool

Of course, modern LCD touchscreen displays are also advantageous for teachers as well. They allow teachers to create lesson plans and easily make electronic revisions as needed. Moreover, teachers can interact with remote students in real-time, making class participation during the pandemic a lot easier. Teachers can also use this technology to track student learning progress for report card season, create more interactive lessons, engage more with students, create personalized notes, set reminders, and so much more.

Follow COVID-19 Protocols

Teaching during a pandemic is hard enough without adding the stress of being potentially exposed to the COVID-19 virus—or worse, exposing your students to it. Reduced class sizes—something many teachers have been advocating for a very long time—is one of the main benefits of installing high-end LCD displays in classrooms. Smaller class sizes have a proven learning advantage because teachers can spend more one-on-one time with each student. In the current climate, LCD displays are a godsend because they allow for more physical and social distancing and they can be disinfected as frequently as necessary.

Nauticomp Inc. provides schools across the United States and Canada with custom advanced LCD touchscreen displays that are designed to help maximize teaching and learning efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our dynamic displays or to place an order.