How Retailers Can Utilize Digital Signage Efficiently during the COVID-19 Pandemic

NauticompThe COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all sizes to reformulate their current business models and how they interact with customers. Digital signage has always been a useful tool at the forefront of communicating with customers and conveying key brand messaging from a distance. But it’s never been more of a necessary marketing tool than it is now. As business navigate the process of safely and lawfully reopening their doors, they’re going to rely on digital signage more than ever before to keep their customers informed and ensure their safety and comfort.

Here are some important features of digital signage that can help your business get through these tough times.

Display Product Availability Information

Customers are still practicing great caution as they slowly get used to going out to retail stores and other common public places. That means each visit to your store or business is very calculated as people, for the most part, are only shopping for essential items. Digital signage displays can help keep customers informed about product and service availability in real time without forcing them to go into your store for no reason.

Special Offers or Announcements

Does your store have any special offers, upcoming events, or sales going on? Using digital signage is a great way to communicate that to your customers. You can strategically place the signs right outside your store or on the side of the road outside of your parking lot to quickly grab their attention. Making changes on a digital signage platform is a lot easier than if you were using static signs. You can either schedule the changes for a later date or make them manually using the digital signage software.

Reassure Your Customers

Right now, a lot of customers are still understandably uneasy about casually going out in public to do their errands. Strategically placed digital signage allows you to inform and reassure your customers that you’re taking all of the necessary and recommended steps to keep them safe in your store. You can also use digital signage to inform customers of any specific rules or guidelines they need to follow at your place of work.

Offer Wayfinding Solutions

Larger stores that have a plethora of departments that customers can get lost in can benefit greatly from the innovative wayfinding solutions offered by digital signage displays. Many businesses are currently finding themselves in the precarious predicament of having to rearrange their stores to widen aisles, add COVID-19 guideline decals, and make certain popular products more easily accessible. State-of-the-art digital signage can make it easier for customers to locate the departments, services, and items that they need.

Nauticomp Inc. proudly offers innovative and distinguished digital display solutions for businesses of all sizes that are trying to get through this pandemic. Our custom designs come with a wide variety of features including dust and waterproof capabilities, infrared lighting, a spectrum of brightness options, touchscreen capabilities, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.